Fujifilm exhibited DVD copy protection devices with rental starting at 90,000 yen per month.

2010.11.18 UP



Fujifilm (8410) will start renting proprietary DVD drives with an added copy-protection mechanism, which was developed for the company's DVD-R drives.

Demand for enhanced data protection has increased due to the growing need for preventing data copying from media such as DVDs in broadcasting and during in-house use in the content industry. A disc produced using Fujifilm's Kuiper Belt technology cannot be copied into a PC or duplicated but normal playback with DVD devices is possible to optimize convenience. This technology is not traditional DVD copy protection used many times in the past but a new, original technique.

Fujifilm performs its Kuiper Belt copy protection service upon receiving DVDs.

However, as it takes time to make these DVDs available, it was not possible to answer the immediate support requirements requested by broadcasters and content-related businesses.

But the newly developed KiCS (Kuiper Belt copy-protection system) uses an integrated system that more efficiently converts the original DVD into a copy protected DVD (burned into a new DVD disc).

KiCS requires the use of dedicated media that must be purchased from Fujifilm and it plans to rent these units for on-site applications.

During Inter BEE 2010, Fujifilm displayed 1-disc conversion, 5-disc conversion and 10-disc conversion device types with rental of 1-disc conversion devices anticipated to start at 90,000 yen per month. Commencement of this service will be formally announced soon and Fujifilm Media Crest will be responsible for managing it.

1 A dedicated integrated device (right) and simultaneous production equipment (left and middle).
2 A copy-protected disc is created when a dedicated blank DVD is inserted underneath.