InterBEE2010: Space Creators (S.C.) Alliance exhibits the LQ-1000 loudness meter from Linear Acoustic Company of America.

2010.11.21 UP

LQ-100 loudness meter by Linear Acoustic Company of America.

Space Creators (S.C.) Alliance exhibited the LQ-1000 loudness meter from the Linear Acoustic Company of America accounted at this years NAB Show.

The LQ-1000 is a loudness meter that complies with ITU-R BS.1770-1. It supports AES or HD-SD (optional) input. For audio modes, it displays the loudness for 5.1 surround + stereo signal or 4 stereo systems (a maximum of 8 channels). It is equipped with an external VGA monitor output so that you can check the loudness level remote from the main unit. It also has external control GPIO interface and log output USB port.

The values that it can monitor are the input source input level, the loudness level at a set loudness numeric value, target level, measured short time (average value of level integrated for 3-10 seconds)/medium time (average value of level for 30 seconds)/long time (average level for an entire program, commercial, or other content) 3-pattern color bar graph, and maximum loudness level, which can be displayed simultaneously. Furthermore, a histogram of the measured levels for 27 minutes to a maximum of 14 hours can be displayed.

Takashi Harada, a sales engineer for the SCA Sound Solution Company explains "This product also envisions use together with a VU meter and peak meter for master monitoring". When using for master monitoring, error monitoring (notification) is necessary, but "currently we are studying notification methods, including e-mail," explained Harada. Also, concerning the timing for the start of sales, he said "ARIB plans to establish the standards according to international standards complying with ITU-R in the spring of next year and implementation domestically will in the spring of the year after next, so there is a 1 year preparation period. We should be able to provide this product to customers about one half year after the ARIB standards are established."