[Inter BEE 2009: Highlight Pickup!] Totsu International Exhibiting New iControl Multi Viewer Products by Miranda Technologies

2009.11.18 UP

Kaleido X16 modular multi-viewer
Internal diagram of the hybrid routing switcher

Internal diagram of the hybrid routing switcher

Totsu International Director Hosoda

Totsu International Director Hosoda

Exhibits by Totsu International have a focus upon various new products by Canadian company Miranda Technologies Incorporated. Additionally, they are exhibiting Cineflex T14 series hi-definition stabilized camera system products, which are being introduced by terrestrial broadcasters for use in aerial recording.

In line with Miranda Technologies' purchase of American company NVISION in December last year, Totsu International, which had been handling domestic sales of NVISION products, has inherited sales of products by Miranda Technologies, in addition to continuing its sales of NVISION's routing switchers. In April of this year, Totsu International commenced sales of products by Miranda Technologies, and as of July 1, also took on board customer support for these products, which had formerly been handled by Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Director Shin Hosoda of Totsu International commented on this merger.
"Both Miranda Technologies and NVISION are very similar companies. Both of them develop all of their own hardware. This lets them minimize the time from development to production, and means that they can respond quickly to customer requirements such as added functions.
"The wider production line afforded by this merger should let us put out a product line more in accordance with customer needs. In particular, integrating NVISION's routing switchers with Miranda Technologies' multi-viewer technologies promises even more advantages"
Miranda Technology's iControl multi-viewer is being exhibited as a new product. This enables monitoring and control of devices on an IP network, and by using a graphic display for each device, provides an environment that enables integrated, rapid operation.

Additionally, they are also exhibiting the NVISION branded NV8144 (mid-sized routing switcher) and NV8280 (large-sized routing switcher) routing switchers that have hybrid crosspoint functionality. These can separate and join audio and video within routing switchers. In program conversion and sales, this simplifies the separation required to adapt to international standards. These are useful functions in the live broadcasts of sports and in other areas which require cooperation between international broadcasters. Additionally, this also offers high efficiency when using non-broadcast media subject matter. This is the first time it has been exhibited in Japan.

The Kaleido X16 modular multi-viewer that was exhibited at NAB in April this year, and that was formally announced at IBC in September is a 16 input multi-viewer that has support for 3G/HD/SD-SDI, and analog component input. This provides flexible layout and display for video in different formats and with different aspect ratios.

Also being exhibited at press recorders, and the Cineflex T14 series camera stabilization system for live vehicles. The camera stabilization system is being introduced at major broadcasters, and is also becoming widespread with police and fire departments. There are also plans for the introduction of a system that supports infra-red.