Inter BEE 2011: NTT Data Exhibits "Real Time Content Integration Service" Using its FingerPrint Technology

2011.11.18 UP

Demo of the Real Time Integrated Service using a smartphone

NTT Data is exhibiting its "Real Time Content Integration Service," which identifies content based on music and video data in order to provide related information. They say it can be used as a tool for sales promotions and advertising, to detect the circulation of illegal content on the Internet, optimize the processing of copyrighted material, etc.

Applying Content Matching and Delivering Related Information in Real Time

For example, TV and digitally signed images are captured on a smartphone and the main characteristics within the content are then extracted and matched against other content. This allows the provider to deliver related information to that smartphone in real time. When used with commercials, only users who had seen specific advertisements could be targeted with special information or coupons. This technology works not only with images but with audio and music as well. It can be used as a tool providing a new form of advertising as well as for increasing sales.

The technology also provides functionality for identifying content so that illegal images and music posted on the Internet can be detected more efficiently. In addition to detection of copyright infringement, it can also be used for copyright processing for broadcast programs.

FingerPrint Technology Identifies Main Characteristics in Content to Determine its "Fingerprint"

FingerPrint technology is the basis for the "Real Time Integrated Content Service." A FingerPrint represents the "fingerprint" of a piece of content. This technology can trawl through huge amounts of information and quickly and accurately detect the main characteristics of a specified type of information in order to find its matching traits. NTT Data's FingerPrint Technology can find specific content among 60,000 hours of data in less than one second. Detection is also possible within robust data formats like music and image, even those including subtitles, edits, projections or background noise.

At NTT Data's booth, visitors can see a demonstration of the real time integrated service with TV images and music and tablet devices in order to compare its accuracy across a range of platforms. At the time of installation, the service will be customizable based on the customer's objectives, scale of the database and required accuracy, and it will also be able to connect to external systems.