Inter BEE 2010: ChunichiDenshi Develop OFDM Internal Modulator Encoder for Independent In-House Broadcasting.

2010.11.19 UP

The PV-100S-4ch.

Renown for codec hardware development, ChunichiDenshi (booth #6214) exhibited 2 models of In-house Independent Community Broadcasting OFDM Encoder with Built-in Modulator. In preparation for the termination of analogue broadcasting, many hotels, schools, hospitals, businesses and others will have to seriously upgrade their reception facilities.

While the price keeps coming down for TVs capable of receiving terrestrial digital broadcasts, in some cases it's not enough to simply replace old television sets. First of all, things need to be configured for the UHF signals used with terrestrial digital broadcasting. As well as that, if an organization uses an independent in-house broadcasting system, the system needs to be reconfigured so that independent broadcasting signals are in the ISDB-T format that will replace the old NTSC format.

The PV-100S-4ch is complete with four channels of SD analog input, and capable of distributing 4 separate programs. In addition to MPEG2 encoder functions, the device is also a multiplexer and OFDM modulator. The device also includes mechanisms for easy EPG (electronic program guide) display on digital broadcast compatible television sets. One channel of digital broadcast can be configured for up to 4 sub-channels.

In addition to the PV-100S-4ch, the company also exhibited the PV-100H single channel HD output device.

ChunichiDenshi has also independently developed a wide range of parts that are used with PV-100S-4ch and PV-100H. The company says next year they will be bringing out new versions that have an even higher ratio of independently developed parts.