Inter Bee 2011 PREVIEW: Canon Marketing Japan Initial Public Release of the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM

2011.11.12 UP

Picture 2: EOS-1DX DSLR

Picture 2: EOS-1DX DSLR

Picture 3: DIGISUPER 95

Picture 3: DIGISUPER 95

Canon Marketing Japan Inc. (Minato Ward, Tokyo), a major manufacturer of cameras, electronics and optical equipment, will publicly display its newest technology --the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM, announced November 4th and composed of new video production lenses and cameras, and the EOS-1DX DSLR camera introduced October 18 -- for the first time at Inter Bee 2011 at Makuhari Messe November 11-16. In addition, Canon plans to hold seminars and show four films made in Hollywood using the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM.

At Canon's booth, explained Mr. Yoshimitsu Nakano, head of the video systems sales department, "we are creating an exhibition that gathers a wide variety of products covering everything from television program production to video production including commercials and films."

■ New video production lens and camera: Presenting the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM

The CINEMA EOS SYSTEM, which will be sold beginning late January 2012, will be exhibited for the first time at Inter Bee. This system will be a major entry into the market for video production-commercials, films and the like. The system is composed of several components: the new EOS C300 and C300PL interchangeable-lens video cameras, compatible with EF and PL mounts; "EF Cinema" lenses in two types, a single-focal-length lineup and a 4K resolution (4,096x2,160 pixels)-compatible top-end EF and PL mount zoom lens lineup; and a DSLR camera currently in development. Highlights of the interchangeable-lens EOS C300 and EOS C300 PL camera, says image communication planning department section head Naoki Emoto, include its being "equipped with a newly-developed super 35-mm-equivalent, approximately 8.29 megapixel large single-panel CMOS sensor, and a body that, at about 1.4kg (approximately 3.1lbs), is compact and lightweight." Canon's booth will also feature a display showing the cameras fit with ARRI and Redrock Micro rigs alongside a mockup of the DSLR currently in development.

■ Unveiling the EOS-1DX: A DSLR with an emphasis on EOS MOVIE

Announced on October 18th and planned for sale beginning late March 2012, the new EOS-1DX DSLR will be on exhibit at Inter Bee. The EOS-1DX boasts the new 35mm full-size 18.1 effective megapixel CMOS sensor, the new interframe motion-compensating IPB and intraframe-only All-I compression and time code recording - all features strengthening EOS MOVIE. Recording sizes are 1080i (1920x1080px [30/25/24fps]), 720p (1280x720px (60/50fps]) and 480i (640x480px [30/25fps]). "Since the new 'All-I' format doesn't use interframe compression, it excels both in image quality and in ease of editing," explained Mr. Emoto.

Also on display will be the HDTV-compatible 95x field zoom DIGISUPER 95 and commercial-use video cameras, an exhibit on low-cost HD information camera technology and 24-hour continual-recording information cameras enabled by solar power and energy storage cells.

In detail: Canon Booth Seminar Program

11:00-11:45AM - An introductory session showing examples of programs created using the XF105
Shooting a National Geographic program with the XF105. Filming secrets and shooting techniques explained by a cameraman.
Featuring: Masaichi Nagata (Captain Mac Marine Institute), Shiro Mizukida (VisualCube)
11:50 - Screening of "SWORD," shot with the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM
Director: Felix Alcala
Length: 9'40'' Making of: 5'29''
12:15-13:00 - CINEMA EOS SYSTEM technical workshop
A technical explanation of the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM's functions
Featuring: Canon Inc.'s Yoshinari Onda
13:00 - Screening of "Max is Back," shot with the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM
Director: Richard Crudo
Length: 5'50'' Making of: 5'29''
13:30-15:00 - CINEMA EOS x Hollywood
A thorough dissection of the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM's Hollywood debut
Featuring: Yukihiro Ishikawa (Head director, DVJ BUZZ TV's) Tsutomu Matsunaga (DVJ BUZZ TV's CINEMA EOS SYSTEM correspondent)
15:00 - Screening of "XXIT," shot with the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM
Director: Sam Nicholson
Length: 11'02'' Making of: 7'49''
15:30-16:15 - Hands-on session/Canon Log and a New World of Video
Try out the EOS C300 and feel the power of the Canon Log Gamma
Featuring: Tetsu Hasegawa (Dentsu Creative X Producer) Kenichi Kawabata (Director of photography)
16:15 - Screening of "Mobius," shot with the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM
Director: Vincent Laforet
Length: 12'00'' Making of: 6'46''

(Video/Broadcast-related Machinery and Materials section: Exhibition Hall 6, Booth No.6311)

(Picture captions)
Picture 1: The video production lenses and cameras comprising the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM
Picture 2: The EOS-1DX DSLR
Picture 3: The DIGISUPER 95 HDTV-compatible 95x field zoom lens