Focusing on batteries, IDX Co., Ltd. promoted the latest in broadcasting and video solutions

2008.11.19 UP

IDX Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells batteries for broadcasting and professional applications, as well as video, lighting, and peripheral equipment. Notably, IDX's main battery model ― the ENDURA system ― is the industry standard camera battery, and at this year's Inter BEE the company introduced their latest battery models with long-life cells for the first time. IDX did not only exhibit battery products, but also demonstrated their latest in broadcasting and video technologies solutions with a newly released wireless HD video transmission system as well as the STEADICAM camera balance system and the TVLogic high definition multi-format LCD monitor.

■ A new type of battery with long-life cells introduced for the first time

IDX's main model ENDURA system displayed at Inter BEE is a lithium-ion battery that incorporates a global standard V mount and can be used with a wide range of video production related equipment. Found in use around the world, the ENDURA is not just a battery but a complete system including a charger and accessories. In addition to this product, the company offers an extensive lineup of products from high-functionality models to compact portable models, etc., to answer a variety of needs and applications.

The latest ENDURA system battery was on public display for the first time at Inter BEE, ahead of its general market release. Superseding the company's main E-10 and E-10S models, two new models were on display, the E-HL9 and the E-HL9S. Developed in response to the battery demands of today's video and broadcasting industries, the main features of the new models are the long-life cells that provide improved cycling performance of 10 amperes (1.5 times the current capacity of existing models), excellent low heat emission characteristics, and high load capabilities even in ambient temperatures as low as minus 20℃.

Also displayed for the first time at Inter BEE was the LLB-24, a 24V lithium-ion battery featuring a new laminated lithium-ion secondary battery, and the LLC-1 24V charger. The LLB-24 is a shoulder-type battery with a large 445Wh capacity that is ideal for lighting use, and it out-performs conventional nickel cadmium or nickel-hydride batteries in terms of capacity to weight ratio, with a maximum 20 amperes current supply.

■ New wireless HD transmission system is announced

IDX did not only introduce their latest in main battery products, but also cutting-edge video and broadcasting solutions such as the CW-5HD wireless HD video transmission system that attracted great interest at Inter BEE.

This system uses the latest MIMO/OFDM technology to enable uncompressed wireless transmission of HD video images. With a transmission latency of lower than 1msec, the system achieves real-time transmission performance that is virtually indistinguishable from a hard-wired setup. And because it is a V-mount device, it can be mounted directly onto the camera battery, promising great potential when used for sporting events, live concerts and other live broadcast situations.

In addition to these product displays, IDX ― as the general agent in Japan ― placed significant effort in marketing the STEADICAM camera balance system and the TVLogic multi-format LCD monitor. As a camera support system for mobile operating situations, the STEADICAM system incorporates a lightweight camera sled, stabilizer arm, compact LCD monitor, and an ergonomically designed vest that the operator wears to ensure shake-free shooting of video footage. The TVLogic is an LCD monitor optimized for professional broadcasting, post production applications, etc., which is available in a superb lineup of screen sizes from 7-inch to 57-inch.

■ A noteworthy demonstration integrating the camera balance system and LCD monitor

In the booth with over 30 LCD monitors on display that showcased stationary exhibits of the main product lineup, a working demonstration of the broadcasting and video solutions that integrate a variety of video equipment was also presented. The demonstration was performed by a cameraman moving in the booth holding a wireless HD video transmission system capable camera fixed to the camera balance system, which clearly demonstrated how shake-free wireless HD images can be transmitted in real time. Visitors were also welcomed to actually attach the camera balance system onto a camera and try it out for themselves.

Kiyotaka Tajima, the domestic market manager of IDX, enthusiastically pointed out that, "Our company is putting great energy into the development of the video related equipment business as well as our main battery products. We are hoping that many of the visitors to Inter BEE can experience firsthand the high quality of our video and broadcasting solutions."
And the best place to be at this year's Inter BEE was at the IDX booth to check out its full lineup of new and industry leading products.

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Photo 1: The LLB-24 lithium-ion battery used for lighting and the LLB-24 charger.

Photo 2: The CW-5HD wireless HD video transmission system.

Photo 3: The STEADICAM Flyer-LE camera balance system.

Photo 4: The TVLogic LQM-071W multi-format LCD monitor.