[Inter BEE 2011 PREVIEW: Leader Electronics Corp exhibits loudness measuring device, ISDB-Tmm and IPTV measuring tools and 3D image measurement solutions

2011.11.9 UP

LV 5980

Leader Electronics Corp (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Representative director: Shigehiko Hirota) will exhibit its wares at the Inter BEE expo held from November 16 (Wednesday) - 18 (Friday) at the Makuhari Messe convention hall. On display will be a loudness measuring device, measuring tools for the new ISDB-Tmm and IPTV services, HDMI-compatible waveform monitors and 3D image measurement solutions.

■ Introducing a loudness measurement solution

 Leader will be exhibiting and demonstrating the LV 58SER40A plug-in unit, which works with devices like the LV5800 multimonitor and LV7800 multi rasterizer, adding functionality for displaying a long-term loudness graph sourced from a loudness meter. In addition to the loudness graph display, other features include the 5.1ch sound display and a lip-synch calculator that measures the gap between audio and video signals. The company says this unit is ideal for situations like monitoring voice level in between television programs over long periods of time.

■ Also on display: a signal generator geared towards the ISDB-Tmm mobile phone multimedia broadcast format
Leader has refined its LG 38SER06 signal-generating add-in software intended for use with the ISDB-Tmm cellular multimedia broadcast format, slated to begin use in April 2012. This software is intended for use with the LG3810 multi-format digital broadcast RF signal generator: the add-in tool effortlessly adds ISDB-Tmm modulation functionality to that device. Its functions target the VHF-H spectrum set down in the multimedia broadcast transmission laws and allow for setting channels by segment, including 13 segment output, 1 segment output, as well as 13 segment + 1 segment RF signal output.

■ LV 5770 low-cost HDMI and 3G-SDI compatible waveform monitor also in display

The LV5770 is a high cost performance multimonitor. This full-format compatible device works with 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI and dual link. It features simultaneous observation of dual SDI signal inputs, SDI signal frame capture, lip-synch measurement functions and monitor output, as well as PIC monitor output for monitoring SDI signals.

■ Presenting a 3D image measurement solution

Leader will also exhibit the LV 5980 17'' color LCD waveform monitor, compatible with 3D images and intended as a 3D image measurement tool. Also on view will be a 3D visualization tool, the 3D Assist Studio FS3090, intended for 3D production studios. This software can help the user appraise 3D effects stereoscopically and conduct simulations.

The LV 5980 uses a 17'' TFT color LCD display and allows the user to monitor waveforms with up to four simultaneous SDI signals. It is specially designed for tweaking camera output levels in setups with multiple cameras, allowing for waveform display of video signals, vector display and picture display, enabling the user to overlay multiple signal displays for fine-tuned study. Also included are the 3D ASSIST function, designed for use with 3D images and CINEZONE, a patented tool that lets the user check brightness levels at a glance.

3D Assist Studio is composed of four PC software components: an automatic 3D parallax measuring tool, a still image 3D parallax measuring tool, a 3D scrolling character tool and 3D character creation tool. This tool is suited for 3D production environments and allows the user to check effects stereoscopically and carry out simulations, helping the user check whether the image looks good and is visually correct to the human eye. In addition, the multi SDI monitor series includes this 3D Assist display functionality when viewing 3D images. When used with Leader's specified 3D I/O board, the software enables automatic 3D parallax SDI input, as well as HDMI output of the 3D scrolling character tools and 3D character creation tools.

Exhibition category: Moving image and broadcast devices
Exhibit hall 5, booth no. 5312