[Inter BEE 2009 Exhibitor Information] Imagica Digix exhibits their unique non-linear subtitling system "NoLiO"

2009.11.20 UP

The NoLiO demonstration
The NoLiO graphical user interface

The NoLiO graphical user interface

The DVS VENICE multi-channel video server

The DVS VENICE multi-channel video server

This year sees Imagica Digix exhibiting for the first time since the company's merger with Imagica Technologies, and they are presenting an exhibit that includes a range of original developments.

Based on the "New File-Based Workflow" theme, the company is introducing file-based workflows all the way from the latest filming, editing, effects and color grading techniques to content production, distribution and asset management.

At the booth, based on the file-based theme, the products will be exhibited by linking with a file-based workflow. This will include proposal of total system integration solutions linking recording, non-linear editing, subtitling, color grading and visual effects with image processing and color management as well as distribution functionalities.

The company's non-linear, real-time NoLiO subtitling system is on display at Inter BEE for the first time.

This is Imagica Digix's original real-time subtitling technology developed for Avid, and is a turn-key system that offers subtitle composition with time-line synchronization.

Also on exhibit is the new DVS Venice multi-channel video server with data conformation and finishing support. Having already been displayed at IBC, this equipment is on show for the first time in Japan.

In addition to these items, Imagica Digix will demonstrate the VizRT multi-touch system for on-air use. As a display designed for re-filming applications, this device has a touch panel that enable the pictures to move, which can be operated with just two fingers to enlarge the screen size and rotate the image and so forth as one desires, regardless of the display type. The default system is a front projector however it can be altered for rear-projection. This technology uses an infra-red sensor to detect the touch points.

The Signiant technology is also on show as a joint-exhiition with Photron.
Already having a proven track record in a number of international applications, Signiant ensures efficient digital content management and distribution with safe transmission for fast and secure image file transfer across existing networks. The system boasts a 10-fold increase in speed compared to conventional systems.

The exhibit products are divided into 5 sections, which are recording/transmission, color grading, VFX and image processing, color management, and on-demand distribution, as well as exhibit with Photron at the joint-exhibition area.

The following are on display:
[Recording/transmission section]
(New product) VENICE multichannel video server
[Non-linear editing and subtitling section]
(New product) Imagica Digix non-linear subtitling system NoLio for Avid
[Color grading section]
Digital Vision "Film Master" non-compressed SD/HD/2K/4K digital color grading system
[VFX and image processing section]
Autodesk Smoke - Creative editing and finishing system
Autodesk Flame — VFX and compilation system, online visual effect system
Image enhancer plug-in by Autodesk for Avid
Primatte - World-standard chromakey software
Anaglyph plug-in - a plug-in enabling left and right images for 3D production to be viewed on a 2D monitor through red and green glasses
[Color management section]
Cinemage HD/SD23-inch LCD master monitor
DaVID video signal processor
cineSpace digital color management solution
[On-demand distribution section]
Anystream Agility