A broadcast/professional FED monitor with FETJ's high frame-rate to be released in winter 2010 was demonstrated.

2010.11.18 UP

FED demonstration

As one of a number of next-generation display technologies garnering significant attention, FED (Field Emission Display) technology has had a difficult path to commercialization but it is steadily making progress toward this goal.

Originally developed by Sony, this technology has been inherited as technological assets by a developer known FE Technologies (Booth #8001) and Taiwan's AU Optronics plans to put these devices on the market in winter 2010. With cooperation from FET Japan (FETJ) on the marketing and technological fronts, AU Optronics exhibited a field emission display (FED) at Inter BEE 2010.

FETJ is a company comprised of engineers who formerly worked in FED R&D at Sony and FE Technologies. FED technology utilizes electron emission from nano-sized cones to stimulate fluorescent materials to create screen images. Because this system uses electrons and fluorescence and is therefore similar in principle to a CRT device, these images can be said to be characteristically CRT-like.

However, whereas a CRT incorporates three electron guns, the FED system uses about 10,000 cones to fire electrons and is therefore, completely different from existing CRT displays.

Also, as there is no need for scanning electron beams, FED technology has achieved frame rates of up to 240fps. This technology is attracting considerable attention for its excellent image characteristics brought about by many factors such as a fast frame rate potential and superior luminescence.

The FED exhibited at Inter BEE 2010 was set up on the side of an LCD display to demonstrate its high-quality image that is free from blurring created by rapid image movement in the screen.

And AU Optronics has indicated their plans to release the FED monitor this winter for broadcasting and professional use.