InterBEE 2010: Nikon Systems adds an MVC option to its H.264 analysis tool.

2010.11.21 UP

An MVC option added to the H.264 analysis tool.

Nikon Systems (booth #7204) has added the NH264H1(OPH3) MVC option to its H.264 analysis tool.

The H.264 analysis tool checks whether an H.264-encoded stream is correct, and offers a visual representation of encoding characteristics. Capitalizing on the fact that MVC is an H.264 extension, the MVC option has been added as an H.264 tool that checks the conformance of MVC-profile based streams.

The preview function has been strengthened for 3D, and can simultaneously display images -- including two or more video streams -- on multiple screens, as well as display multiplex syntheses. Furthermore, the MVC option can extract luminance elements from composite video images and use anaglyph imagery to display them in 3D. These functions allow users to check the image state and 3D display status of target video streams.