KM Station - Focused on development of high-performance, LED-based stage lighting

2008.10.31 UP

KM station has been involved in marketing, rental, and operation of a wide range of stage lighting solutions with emphasis on the development and manufacturing of its own lighting products. Particularly motivated to develop unique lighting equipment, this company has recently been focusing its effort on LED-based lighting solutions. At this year's Inter BEE, the company will reveal a range of cutting-edge LED lighting products including variations that boast excellent color reproduction, smooth dimming curves, and even the ability to be used in water. The centerpiece will, however, be new lighting solutions that are the first in the world to utilize LEDs of five different colors.

n・Leading the stage-lighting industry through aggressive development of original products
As one of the leading players in the world of stage lighting, KM Station proactively develops highly-original lighting products that have won high marks for performance in theme parks, projects managed by major broadcasters, concerts by famous artists, and the like. Particularly distinctive among the company's lineup of high-performance stage lighting devices are moving searchlights, spinner lights that can switch rapidly from extremely fast to extremely slow speeds, and swing lights capable of producing a moving beam.
While KM Station continues to light the way in terms of stage lighting devices, it is currently focusing its attention on LED lighting. This company was the first in Japan to start development work on this technology, and by applying its unique know-how and expertise, it successfully cleared the formidable hurdle of poor color uniformity. As a result, KM Station's LED-based products could be put to use in the field of stage lighting, where expressiveness is key.

n・Outclassing competitors with superior color reproduction, smooth dimming curves, and fully waterproof designs
A wide range of LED lighting products are also available from foreign manufacturers; however, company president, Hiroshi Kamide, responded with certainty when asked about the competitiveness of KM Station's products - "At KM Station, we listen carefully to the opinions of lighting technicians in order to provide the best possible LED lighting solutions. The excellent color reproduction, well-balanced dimming curve, and both waterproof and water resistant versions realized by our product line are particularly important in satisfying the strict requirements of Japanese lighting professionals. In addition, our products also allow color patterns to be set directly, without the need for extra equipment. We are confident that no other LED lighting solutions can deliver the same high level of performance."
During the summer, KM Station released its newest LED spotlight product, the LEDY-SPOT60. Whereas previous LED spotlights have featured LEDs of four different colors (i.e., blue, green, red, and white), this new product added a fifth - amber - to the mix in order to enhance levels of expressiveness with yellow hues and color nuance across the board. LED power output has also been increased from the conventional 1 to 3 watts, boosting brightness to several times the previous levels and making it possible to achieve an even smoother dimming curve. And with an IP68 fully-waterproof specification, the light unit is even suitable for use in water.

n・World's first water-resistant, moving-LED spotlight to be revealed
In addition to the LEDY-SPOT60, Inter BEE 2008 will also see KM Station exhibit LEDY-STICKS - rod-shaped lighting products featuring the same LED functionality. The company has developed this product range as an ideal solution for illuminating fashion-show walkways and other situations where beam lighting is required. In order to showcase the fully waterproof properties of both of these new products, KM Station will present them fully immersed in water. The highlight, however, will be the first public showing of the water-resistant, moving-LED spotlight that KM Station is currently developing with the aim of being first in the world to market such a product. According to Mr. Kamide, "LED lighting not only eliminates the need for power-supply vehicles and reduces power consumption, it also allows color settings to be made on-site without having to setup color patterns in advance. As such, it helps to lower the cost of stage lighting even further. In recognition of the accelerating pace of transition to LED-based solutions within the stage lighting industry, we at KM Station intend to enhance our product lineup to provide solutions for an even wider range of lighting situations." With this attitude, the role of the company's LED lighting products can only expand going forward.

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