InterBEE2011 PREVIEW: On display are items such as Carina System's high resolution live-encoding system "Cambria Live" and the "MEC-2000 Series", a full HD video camera with detachable head.

2011.11.8 UP

Cambria Live Editing Screen
Full HD Video Camera with Removable Head "MEC-2000 Series"

Full HD Video Camera with Removable Head "MEC-2000 Series"

Carina System Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, President and CEO: Mutsuo Furufuji) will, together with partner Capella Systems, display items such as their high resolution live-encoding system "Cambria Live" and full HD video camera with detachable head, "MEC-2000 Series".

Cambria Live features high resolution delivery designed for live transmission. A live delivery demonstration using Ustream will be done at the booth combining the Cambria Live with the MEC-2000 series. Mr. Hiroshi Shigeta, Section Chief of the Planning Department, showed his eagerness by telling by explaining, "One feature is its ability to deliver extremely high resolution even over a low bit-rate. Users can truly experience high quality images when viewing them on their iPad or iPhone."

- Displaying "Cambria Live", an encoding system specialized for live distribution

The main attractions of Carina System's display are their H.264 encoding solutions and HD separation camera solutions. For H.264 encoding solutions, the high resolution live-encoding system "Cambria Live" as well as the high-resolution file conversion systems "Cambria FTC" and "Cambria Cluster" will be displayed.

Cambria Live is a high resolution live-encoding system for carrying out live transmissions over a variety of streaming servers (Adobe Flash Media Server, Ustream Server, Wowza Media Server, etc.). It is an enterprise product developed especially with net distribution professionals in mind and employs an H.264 encoding engine that uses technology from NTT Advanced Technology Corporation. It achieves high definition distribution by directly converting inputs from HD/SD-SDI and HDMI to formats such as H.264 and MP4 that are appropriate for distribution.

This product features a variety of functions ideal for live distribution. "For example, it is possible to adjust factors during live distribution such as brightness, contrast, gamma correction, volume, and lip-synch delay as well as insert text and logos, all in realtime." (Mr. Shigeta)

The system constantly checks network status and displays an alert in the event that bandwidth frequency falls below a certain value. It is also capable of automatically adjusting distribution bit-rate (expected to be included by Spring 2012). In the unlikely event that trouble arises with video equipment, the system will automatically switch over to a pre-set emergency image. It is also possible to output files during live distribution, distribute to multiple channels at once, and carry out an automatic re-distribution immediately after a live broadcast.

- High resolution file conversion system "Cambria FTC" is compatible with acTVila

Cambria FTC is a file conversion system that has realized high quality conversion to file formats ideal for broadcast, web, and mobile use. It is capable of input and output of files such as H.264, MPEG2, DV, DVCPRO HD, etc. In addition to video compression format conversion, it also includes audio/video functions for adjusting resolution and frame rate settings, inserting logos, and adjusting volume, etc.

This product also features approval for use of acTVila's encoder. It is compatible with TTS (Timestamp TS) and acTVila video full format (ARIB compliant) over H.264 output. Over MPEG2 output, it is compatible with acTVila basic format (ARIB compliant) and is capable of creating acTVila sub-window content. These files can be played on a variety of acTVila compliant devices.

In addition, when paired with Cambria Live, an image distribution with even more added value becomes possible. Mr. Shigeta explains, "For example, it is possible to rewind a timeline on Cambria Live during live distribution and set IN/OUT points, create a file list, and output it on the Cambria FTC along with an intermediary file. Necessary transcoding is executed on the Cambria FTC and, after the live broadcast, the completed file is automatically loaded on the Cambria Live and digest distribution can be carried out."

- A technical display of a cloud-compatible high resolution file conversion system

Cambria Cluster is a decentralized processing compatible high resolution file conversion system. With its "Cambria Cluster Manager" software, one can control a system with multiple Cambria FTC units as an encoder client PC, decentralize the encoding process, and automatically parallelize a wide variety of image files. A technical display of "Cambria Cluster Cloud" using a cloud server for the encoding process will be shown at the booth.

- Displaying the "MEC-2000 Series", a full HD video camera with detachable head

In contrast, in addition to displaying the full HD video camera with detachable head "MEC-2000 Series" as an HD separation camera solution, the slot-in camera "SXH-360 Series" will also be displayed for reference.

The MEC-2000 Series consists of a C-mount compatible mini HD camera head and a camera control unit (CCU) capable of various realtime image processes such as digital zoom, image inversion, etc. With a QXGA compatible 1/2.8 "Sony IMX036" on a CMOS sensor, this camera achieves high definition images with an effective sensor resolution of 3.27 megapixels and high color reproduction.

Additionally, this camera includes a multi-window function on its 16:9 monitor capable of efficiently showing the image in realtime on a combination display as well as a digital zoom and four dimensional image inversion function. Director of the Planning Department, Mr. Toru Kasuya, explains, "In addition to use in medical and academic fields, this camera could also be used in television production for unique angles."

The camera head and CCU are connected via commercially available twist pair cable (LAN cable) with a maximum connection of 40 meters. As a result, a flexible and low cost introduction is possible even in locations where placement was problematic or extensive construction had been necessary.

- A reference presentation of a next generation PC-board camera system

The SXH-360 Series is a next generation camera system designed for image processing and recording that can be controlled via PC. Consisting of a camera head with a CMOS sensor and a PC-board image processing area, this camera can capture and display a variety of video formats and frame rates. "It is possible to create image processing equipment with a high level of freedom." (Mr. Kasuya)

It includes a QXGA-compatible 1/2.8 "Sony IMX036" camera head identical to the MEC-2000 Series with an effective sensor resolution of 3.27 megapixels. The camera head and PC-board are connected via commercially available twist pair cable (LAN cable) with a maximum connection of 40 meters.

- Realtime encoding and video production

In addition to displaying the actual devices at booths, a demonstration will be held so that users may experience image quality and get a feel for the operation. It will be possible for PC and mobile device users to connect to the internet and actually check the demonstration videos via Ustream. In addition to broadcasting a reflection of the inside of the venue, the video brightness and contrast adjustment, and text and logo insertion functions will be shown at the demonstration.

(Display Hall 5, Booth No. 5505)