Inter BEE 2010: Anritsu Upgrades Its Measuring Instrument Lineup with One Seg and ISDB-T Transmission Quality Analysis Functions.

2010.11.21 UP

Measuring and analyzing ISDB-Tmm signals with MS2691A.

Anritsu (booth #6203) exhibited ISDB-Tmm compatible new measuring software technologies for analysis applications. BER (bit error rate) measuring functions for ISDB-Tmm and area 1Seg are now available as software for the MS8901A digital broadcast signal analysizer.

The company's MS269xA and MS2830A offer extremely wide ranging analysis functions for all kinds of broadcasting and wireless applications. Using FFT (high-speed Fourier transforms) for analysis and so forth, these new technologies offer a range of high performance analysis functions as well as simple results display.

In addition to ISDB-Tmm, the company offers transmission quality analysis functions for 1Seg and ISDB-T. MS269xA provides the accuracy required by transmission stations and measuring functions for amps used with broadcasting, while MS2830A provides high-speed measuring capability that the company predicts will be needed on-site in development environments. MS269xA and MS2830A are about 5 times faster than MS8901A.

These new functions will be available by updating the software in existing measuring instruments. Anritsu is planning to make the new software available in the near future.