[Inter BEE 2009: Highlight Pickup!] Sennheiser Japan ― a Hand-on demonstration of new products

2009.11.17 UP

HD800 audio reference headphones

With more space, an exhibit focusing on experience
This is the second year running that Sennheiser Japan has exhibited at Inter BEE. Last year, the booth space was eight lots where the company focused on the introduction of the incorporation in Japan, but this year the booth space has expanded to ten lots. In keeping with last year, Sennheiser's aim is to have visitors actually experience their products, therefore the company is setting up a "hands-on exhibit".

Products that visitors can interact with in the company's demonstration exhibit include their wireless systems, microphones, the HD800 audio reference headphones, and their K+H studio monitor speakers.

"Providing ease of use to creators"
The K+H studio monitor speakers were the first product to hit the market after their incorporation in Japan last year, and the first exhibit at the Inter BEE. Nobuyuki Arai, Commissions Manager from Sennheiser Japan's Publicity Department talked about Sennheiser's aims in exhibiting its products.

"Sennheiser is the preferred brand for many audiophiles, and as such, is endorsed by professionals. Our products are noteworthy for their faithful sound reproduction, and by providing natural sound, they provide ease of use to those in the creation of audio. We hope you'll try out these products in our booth".

Professional artists competing in the microphone corner
Sennheiser's booth is located near the entrance to the venue, and features a glass-walled stage upon which six groups of artists will present performances, demonstrating the microphones. You'll be able to hear these performances through the glass by wearing Sennheiser ear monitors or headphones. Several out of the six groups are successful competitors who may be the grand prix winner of the company's "New Vocalist Campaign". The campaign invited contestants, and after the cut-off date in November, vocalists were selected to perform.

Number of orders surpassed production volume immediately after the HD800 headphones were released, and this shortage continued. With the product already garnering high praise as reference audio equipment, Sennheiser had set up a corner where visitors can test them out. HD800 headphones are individually hand-made at Sennheiser head office in Germany, meaning that daily production is limited to 200 sets. Additionally, Sennheiser's senior acoustic engineer Axel Grell checks all products at the final stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring that only products that meet the most stringent quality requirements are shipped. This product is as a result of Sennheiser's most painstaking attention to quality.

Demo of SKM5200 multi-channel wireless microphone
The microphone corner features a demonstration of the SKM5200 wireless microphone that supports multiple channels. The SKM5200 has a proven track record in usage by musicians in live performances, and in broadcasting when using multiple channels. The booth will feature a demonstration of stereo recording and playback using multiple channels, and an exhibit of the "Evolution" microphone that inherits the high functionality of the SKM5200.
There will also be a demonstration of the Sennheiser's first digital microphone product, which will be presented as a reference exhibit. The microphone experience section of the stage will also feature a corner at which visitors can listen and compare microphones from Sennheiser's product lineup.