Paco Electronics develops long-life lithium-ion batteries for broadcasting equipment

2008.10.24 UP

Paco Electronics develops long-life lithium-ion batteries for broadcasting equipment
As a specialist vendor of batteries for broadcasting equipment, Paco Electronics Industry Inc. offers an extensive line-up of high-quality products that offer a long operational life. In addition to their main product line of nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, this year they are hoping to expand their business with the launch of new long-life lithium-ion batteries that have been long awaited by the industry. Also on display at this year's Inter BEE will be the company's latest lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged using a standard NiMH battery charger. For anyone involved with broadcasting equipment, the Paco Electronics booth is expected to be a must-see at Inter BEE.

■High-quality batteries manufactured by hand with the option of customization
This will be the 27th year since Paco Electronics began marketing batteries for broadcasting equipment, such as cameras and lights. Their batteries are exceptional in terms of long life and high quality. Strict quality control procedures, which include checking individual cell data prior to shipment, mean that they are able to remove any defective cells from the production line; as a result their batteries are hardly ever known to fail. Also worthy of note is the fact this company can create custom batteries tailored to meet customer requirements because they are manufactured by hand in their Kyushu factory, something that also ensures excellent maintenance characteristics.

"Our batteries have a reputation for high quality and long life, so they are used by many industries involved with video, such as broadcasting stations and production companies," explains Endo Daisuke of the Sales Department. "Although NiMH batteries currently form our main product line, from this March we have been investing in lithium-ion battery development as a means of expanding our business. Please come and visit our booth at Inter BEE, where we will also be exhibiting a new product that is still under development."

■Long-life lithium-ion batteries that after 500 cycles lose only 20% of capacity
The company has recently launched two 14.4V lithium-ion batteries: the KV-50 and the KV-100. The capacity of the KV-50 is rated at 5.0Ah (72W) while the KV-100 is 10.0Ah (144W). According to Endo, Paco Electronics has been able to develop these rectangular lithium-ion batteries by making use of cells designed for industrial tools. Under test, they have demonstrated greater efficiency than NiMH batteries, and battery life has been extended to the point where capacity drops by only 20% after 500 cycles.

Paco Electronics has employed this long-life lithium-ion battery to develop 24V/14.4V multi-use lithium-ion battery packs capable of delivering the large electrical currents required for lighting equipment. They plan to release two products in early 2009: the PZ-5 (24V 120Wh/14.4V 144Wh) and the PZ-10 (24V 240Wh/14.4V 288Wh).

■Debut: a lithium-ion battery that can be used with an ordinary NiMH battery charger
A highlight of the Paco Electronics Inter BEE booth this year will be the debut of the KP-50L (tentative name), a newly developed lithium-ion battery for broadcasting equipment that can be recharged using a standard NiMH battery charger. Ordinarily, lithium-ion batteries require a special charger, but as this new product is compatible with the NiMH battery chargers already in use it significantly reduces the costs faced by customers hoping to switch to lithium-ion. Also, although equal in size and shape to the DH-65 NiMH battery, the KP-50L will weigh just 700g, approximately one third of the NiMH model. Expected to ship at the start of 2009, this innovative lithium-ion battery is expected to draw much attention from everyone involved with broadcast equipment.

At the Paco Electronics Inter BEE booth this year there will be more than just the usual product displays. Visitors will also have an opportunity to actually handle the PZ-5 multi-use lithium-ion battery pack. Two broadcasting cameras will be available so that visitors can gain firsthand experience of attaching and using the battery packs. This will provide an opportunity for many potential customers to see just how easy it is to use the PZ-5.

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