Inter BEE 2010: KDDI R&D Labs adds Picture Quality Evaluation Functions to MP-Factory Ver.5.

2010.11.21 UP

MP-Factory Ver.5.

KDDI R&D Labs (booth #7029) have added picture quality evaluations functions to their integrated MP-Factory Ver.5 software development kit for MPEG. As well as functions that detect blackouts and freezes from the stream, the new video evaluations functions also include subjective quality measurement. These measurements are done by comparing the original image (the original stream) with the stream after encoding, or by measuring the stream after encoding only. MP-Factory Ver.5 enables both of these measuring methods.

This technology uses a unique algorithm to estimate the image data before encoding using only the data stream after encoding to assess picture quality. To do this, the software acquires PSNR values (the degree of degradation picture quality) for both of the images before and after encoding.

The software also enables simultaneous analysis using the subjective assessment MOS values. The company demonstrated this by applying it to the post-encoding stream, with the variations in the PSNR and MOS values displayed as a graph.

According to KDDI R&D Labs, these evaluations functions not only test for data quality in the stream after encoding (checking for the existence of data that could cause freezing or blackouts), but also enable a wide range of applications such as real-time quality evaluation and picture quality evaluation.

(Photo description)
KDDI R&D Labs MP-Factory Ver.5 stream quality evaluation with added picture quality evaluation functions (the graph at the bottom of the screen).