Matsushita Electric introduces the P2HD lineup

2007.11.22 UP

Matsushita Electric Industrial made a presentation on the main stage of its booth at Inter BEE 2007, emphasizing the signing of its contract entered in September this year for the worldwide official partner program with the Olympics for an 8-year period from 2009 to 2016. The program will cover the winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010, the summer Olympics in London in 2012, the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, in 2014, and the summer Olympics to be held in an undetermined location in 2016. Matsushita will provide video recording and transmission equipment, as well as AV recording media, and car multimedia equipment, including car navigation systems, and security AV equipment.

In the following presentation, Matsushiat promoted the semiconductor memory card P2 series, which is the focus of their booth at this show. Since it was launched in 2004, it has continued to advance, accumulating results, such as growing use in the broadcast industry and use in the Athens Olympics. The furthest advances yet, the P2HD series tapeless transmission solutions, are being introduced in all areas of the booth at this show.

Matsushita announced prior to Inter BEE 2007 that as of the end of August, 610 broadcast stations around the world are using P2 solutions, and shipments exceed 60,000 units. Fox in the U.S. is taking large quantities of the high-definition P2HD, and MBC, the largest public broadcaster in Korea is using the P2HD series also. That is the first time that Matsushita’s transmission equipment has been used in Korea, an indication that the P2HD is spreading globally.

In the corner behind the stage, the P2HD Real Work Flow presentation uses panels to show steps from recording, editing, and transmission to archiving using the P2HD series. They show the P2 cam AJ-HPX2100 and the new P2 cam AJ-HPX3000G equipped with the AVC-Intra Codec for recording, the P2 mobile AJ-HPM100 for editing, the P2 deck AJ-HPS1500 and News OTC for transmission, and the Data Tape Library AJ-ZCM100 for archiving, appealing a complete work flow using the P2HD.

In an island in the center of the space, Matsushita displays P2 HD hybrid solutions, including the AJ-DHC27H 720P variable frame recorder for creating digital movies and commercials, the AJ-HPM100 P2 mobile recorder for HD and SD video, and the AJ-HDX900 universal 1080/720 HD camcorder.

Matsushita also introduces four P2 partners in one corner. They are AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, Quantel eQ, and Apple Final Cut Pro.

The P2 Asset Support System is another P2 related item Matsushita shows in another corner. The company introduces support for the P2HD including a 5-year compensation/repair registration system, equipment management through the Internet, and update support.

In addition, Matsushita introduces all types of switchers for multiple HD/SD formats in the Multi Format Live Switcher corner.