NTT Electronics HVE9100 / HVD9100

2007.11.22 UP

NTT Electronics is exhibiting the HV9100 Series realtime encoder/decoder at Inter BEE 2007, an international broadcasting equipment exhibition, in Makuhari. The world's first product that supports the High 422 Profile, the HV9100 can encode and decode high-definition and standard-definition videos in H264/AVC format.

Its capability to code in H264/AVC format is most effective in sending
video over a circuit with limited capacity for high-definition TV such as IP, cable and satellite networks.

"The HV9100 is equipped with the world's first chip that supports the
High 422 and Analog 420 Profiles to ensure low-delay codec.
Our future objectives are to lower rates and delays as we target a codec
with a delay of sub-100 milliseconds. "
(NTT Electronics Corporation
Strategy Department & Sales Department
Multimedia System Group
Digital Video Business Group
Toshiro Nozaki)