[Inter BEE 2009: Highlight Pickup!] Paco Electronics Exhibiting the BP type lithium-ion battery PE-50L, which weighs only a third of its predecessor

2009.11.6 UP

PE-50L pamphlet

Paco Electronics is exhibiting the BP type lithium-ion battery PE-50L. Although a lithium-ion battery, it can be recharged using chargers for nickel metal-hydride batteries, and a major selling point is that it only weighs a third compared to its predecessor. The product was announced last year, and went on sale from June of this year. The battery supplies a healthy 14.4 volts, and Paco Electronics has developed in conjunction with Fuji Light a 30 volt, 150 watt halogen bulb to use with this.
At the booth, Paco Electronics proposes application, which connects lighting fixtures, cameras and peripheral devices to the PE-50L.
Additionally, equipment carry cases from NANUK will also be exhibited. These are manufactured out of resin, and designed to absorb external shocks. These are waterproof and easy to stack, and their claw latches make opening and closing the cases easy.