Toshiba is exhibiting the GF Station

2007.11.22 UP

Toshiba is exhibiting the GF Station, a GF Series product that has both recorder and video server capabilities, at Inter BEE 2007, an international broadcasting equipment exhibition, at Makuhari Messe. The company collaborated with Ikegami to develop the tape-free GF Series, which supports video production tasks ranging from shooting to editing to transmission.
The GF Station supports various high-definition and standard-definition formats, and also includes ample format conversion features for up-converting, down-converting and cross-converting.
The user can operate jog and shuttle dials just as if using them with a conventional VCR system. The GF Station also features a 3.5-inch LCD monitor to help the user easily make various adjustments.

"This is not just a VCR replacement. It has built-in flash memory. With this
product, we have in mind a workflow innovation for broadcasting stations.
The concept of the product is that it is a VCR-like unit that will be
connected to a network in the future. "
(Toshiba Corporation
Social Infrastructure Systems Company
Broadcasting System
Technology group
Haruyoshi Suzuki)

The GF Station is equipped with a flash memory board that incorporates the VIDEOS flash memory video server technology, which is highly regarded as a video transmission server. The board has 128 gigabytes of memory to support recording or playing high-definition video for about 4 hours.
Toshiba expects the GF Station to be used for many situations, including use at studios and in-vehicle use, as a location-independent general-use video server.