The Voices of Inter BEE Visitors

2008.11.19 UP

On Inter BEE's opening day, there were many visitors making full use of their time at exhibition and we asked them for their opinions.

■ Male, 43, working at a broadcasting company in Tokyo.

"I work in general program creation at a broadcasting company and am visiting the booths in order to take a look at new broadcasting technologies. This time, I'm particularly interested in high-definition transmission technologies for networks, so I'm visiting the booths of not only the major manufacturers but also actively seeking out leading-edge new start-ups in the hope of discovering the latest information. Additionally, I find it helpful to watch other visitors looking at products displayed at booths, and to see their reactions. I think I'll find the information gained here to be beneficial in determining the most effective products to introduce to the market and their timing. Two years have passed since I last visited Inter BEE, but I have noticed the thoroughfares have gotten wider and that the exhibits are easier to view. I would also like to make a request that all companies displaying similar types of products position their booths in closer proximity to each other, making it easier for us visitors to view the exhibits."

■ Female, 27, working at a telecommunications company in Tokyo.

"I work in IPTV related areas at my company and I am mainly visiting booths that are exhibiting products and technologies related to digital image content. I visit Inter BEE every year in order to obtain the latest industry news and this year, I have been focusing on metadata-related exhibits where data is used to describe other data. I'm actually visiting a lot of booths of other companies and have discovered information useful for my work so I will be reporting this to my company along with the latest in software. However, my overall impression of the exhibits this year was that nothing really stood out to catch my attention."

■ Male, 33, working at a lighting manufacturer in Tokyo.

"I work in the development of lighting related materials and in addition to information on lighting, I find out about imaging and communications industry trends as a whole, which is why I enjoy visiting Inter BEE every year. My impression after a brief look around is that this year, thanks to the dedicated professional lighting corners, it is easier to visit illumination-related booths. As far as details of illumination-related exhibits are concerned, my focus was upon LED lighting and as I expected, each company had exhibits of various new products in this field, which proved educational for my company's future product development."

■ Male, 31, working at a promotional video creation company in Shizuoka.

"I work in audio at a company that creates promotional videos and I just visited Inter BEE for the day. Most of my work is in final production, adding audio such as background music and narration to projects. The main reason why I attend this exhibition is to gather information regarding audio mixers from various companies but additionally, I'm also gathering information about peripheral editing equipment as there are many areas in which I need to find out more about this kind of equipment. Simply viewing catalogs or listening to sales pitches from salesmen does not enable me to fully understand products so the hands-on nature of this event is the best way to obtain information about these technologies as there were many times when I was only able to figure out the product after using it. The booth personnel providing explanations about their products are very familiar with their technical details, and this also is extremely helpful."

■ Male, 26, PA sound engineer in Tokyo.

"This exhibition is indispensable for my work as a sound engineer and I'm here collecting information, focusing mainly on PA systems. There are many aspects that are different between seeing a product in a catalog and actually seeing it at an exhibition so I'm trying to collect information about products from as many manufacturers as possible, and this information will be useful for my product purchasing. In addition to collecting technical information and seeking out new industry trends at the exhibition, I am eager to discover how the equipment is operated and always seriously consider how it will affect our work flow (note: this visitor was operating mixers in earnest in booths). Sound engineers place much importance upon ambience; therefore, the selection of a PA system that will bring life to the sounds we create is very important. That is what makes this exhibition very important to me because every year, I manage to find out something of value to me so I always look forward to visiting next year's event as well."

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Photo 1: Makuhari Messe, venue exterior.
Photo 2: Makuhari Messe, venue interior.