Inter BEE 2010: ViewPLUS -- Has developed a 65mm baseline 60p uncompressed 4K high-resolution 3D digital camera.

2010.11.26 UP

In the Technology Joint Corporation booth (booth #8504), ViewPLUS exhibited for the first time a professional editing and component system for real-time preview and post-processing, using the Lumiere series 4K 60p uncompressed digital camera system.

The Lumiere camera series is a recording system that can directly read to a PC over PCI-Express 4k x 2k (4096 x 2048) 12bit images shot on a digital camera at 60fps (progressive).

The power of the GPU in the NVIDIA graphics card installed in the PC enables processing and preview of images in real time.

The Lumiere series was developed with technical cooperation from NHK Engineering Service Inc. This was recently released at SIGGRAPH 2010, and whereas applications have up until now been focused on research laboratories and telemedicine, this is now also expanding into entertainment, including big-budget Hollywood movies.

The device incorporates real-time preview, as well as color conform, grading, special effects, and other editing functions for film-resolution materials provided by the finishing DI SCRATCH workflow solutions manufactured by US company ASSIMILATE. The device gave a demonstration of editing in real time.

Progressive uncompressed RAW images taken on a 4K camera bed are written to a nearline RAID disk. This provides real-time image editing while interacting with SCRATCH at 750MByte/sec (3840 x 2160 x 12bit x 60fps).

The Lumiere 3D can shoot 4K (4096 x 2048 pixel) stereo content at 60p uncompressed. Two 4K cameras use general-purpose lenses mounted to incorporate parallax (the difference between left and right images) at a distance of 65mm between the optical axes, a similar distance to that between human eyes. This can record approximately 12 minutes of 12bit video at 60fps at maximum resolution, and real-time preview of the written image data is also possible.

The venue used a display system in which the content was shown in real time, demonstrating the high precision and resolution imaging capable with the Lumiere 3D.

(Description of photographs)
Photo 1: Using the power of the GPU to preview 4K 12bit RAW images taken with the Lumiere in real time
Photo 2: System demonstration with SCRATCH. Capable of real-time editing and preview of 4K RAW images.
Photo 3: Black housing Lumiere camera used in the demonstration
Photo 4: Lumiere3D camera used in the demonstration. Compact size (depth 168.5mm, width 179mm, height 108mm)