Inter BEE 2011 PREVIEW: Sennheiser Japan to exhibit new microphone products including the MK4, and will set up a corner to allow people to test and experience a mini-live concert using headphones.

2011.11.15 UP

MKH 8060
MKH 8070

MKH 8070

Sennheiser Japan (Tokyo, Minato-ku, Representative Director Shozo Kubo) will display many of the company's products, including the MKH 8060/8070, its new shotgun microphone, and the MK4, its new studio microphone. A well-known musician will also perform a mini-live concert on the main stage. Attendees will also be able to test and experience the high quality live concert using the HD-25-1 II as well as other headphones.

■ The new shotgun microphone MKH 8060/8070, and the new studio microphone, MK4.

The main features of the exhibition are the new shotgun microphone MKH 8060/8070 and the new studio microphone MK4.
The MKH8060/8070 is the successor to the MKH 416, a product widely used in the cinema and television industries. The MKH 8060 is a short and compact shotgun-type microphone. Compared to the original MKH416, it is more lightweight, and can be easily used for boom mounting.
The MKH 8070 is a long shotgun-type, optimal for sporting applications as it is good at relay and picking up natural sound. It has already been used for relay at the US Super Bowl.
The MKH8060/8070 has had its performance improved over existing versions. Not only can it pick up sounds that are directed at the microphone, but it can pick up natural sound from positions even if they are off axis. Because of its symmetrical RF condenser design, distortion is minimal. In addition, the high output signal voltage achieves a signal path that does not have reciprocal interference. Because of its high frequency circuitry, it is dependable in any weather.

The MK4, on the other hand, is Sennheiser's first large diaphragm studio condenser microphone. It was developed based on the acoustical characteristics of the E 965, one of the company's high end vocal microphones, and boasts a 24-carat, 1 inch true condenser capsule. It has the directional characteristics of a typical cardioid microphone, so no matter what the frequency, it delivers detailed lows, colorful mid-range sound, and well resolved, tight highs.

This microphone was developed mainly for professional use in recording studios, but its sturdy metal body and shock-resistant internal capsule makes it useful for even outdoor live recordings. With a high cost-performance ratio, it can meet the needs of a wide variety of users and uses, from home users to musicians.

■ Experiencing an artist's mini-live concert with Sennheiser's products

A corner is being set up where guests can "Test and Experience" sound at the main stage. Specifically, acoustic solo guitarist Yuki Matsui, and singer Hiro Tsunoda (Principal at Wild Music School), will perform a 30 minute mini-live concert with students from the school. Performances will occur multiple times each day for the duration of the event. The performance can be experienced using Sennheiser's HD25-1 II and other headphones.

In addition to these products, the 5000/2000 wireless microphone series, the evolution G3 series, the meeting system ADN series, vdB microphone accessories, and Rycote windproof cases will also be on display. The booth is being set up so people will be able to experience in person the high quality and appeal of a diverse line-up of Sennheiser goods, from existing products to those that are brand new.

(Exhibition hall 4, booth # 4408)