[Inter BEE 2009 Exhibitor Information] SKnet demonstration exhibit of full HD H.264 real-time encoder

2009.11.24 UP

Comparative demonstration

Comparative demonstration



SKnet (Yokohama, Kanagawa) presented reference and demonstration exhibits of consumer-use full HD H.264 real-time encoders that can convert and save video sources from analog video and HDMI signals in real-time in full HD H.264 format, as well as a full HD, ultra-high resolution video converter that can be used when viewing DVD video on large displays.
Envisaged use as Hi-Vision security monitoring recording device
SKnet has developed two products, a USB output hardware encoder product the Full HD H.264 Real-time Encoder SK-HD246HUE, and the Software Encoder SK-HD264SWE, which uses an original video capture board for encoding on a PC. Expected release dates are as yet undecided, but pricing is expected to be around 30,000 yen.
The Hardware Encoder SK-HD246HUE offers real-time encoding in H.264 format from analog video input signals including composite video, S-video, and component (YPbPr) RCA, as well as from HDMI digital video sources. It also supports real-time transcoding from MPEG-2 files to H.264. Output formats are MPEG2 TS, and MPEG2 PS, AVI, and MP4.
Possible applications are live broadcasting and television meetings, as well as IP broadcasting and security monitoring systems. In particular for security systems, "security monitoring cameras are also starting to move towards high definition, but there are issues with the recorded file size and problems with degraded image quality from down-conversion. However, this low-cost H.264 real-time encoder can solve these problems", explained Tsutomu Tano from SKnet's Sales Department. He also said that thanks to the real-time encoding capability, "it also provides IP transmission of real-time full HD H.264, which is suited towards monitoring systems".
Development of an ultra-high definition full HD video encoder, with release expected sometime next year
SKnet is also developed the Ultra High-resolution Video Converter SK-HQCO that can be used for displaying SD quality DVD video, photographs, and game content on large HD-compatible displays. At the booth, SKnet also gave comparative demonstration between an unaltered 720p analog signal, and up-scaled and converted ultra high-resolution signal that were outputted to full HD displays via HDMI connection.
The ABT1030 scaler by Anchor Bay Technologies is equipped on the converter for 1080p up-scaling, and in order to decrease blurriness and increase the resolution of the up-scaled image, the converter also incorporates a single ultra high-resolution processor the μPD9280GM by NEC Electronics.
Input comprises 2 HDMI terminals, and 1 each for component (YPbPr) RCA, S-video, and composite. Video and audio output also comprises of 1 HDMI terminal. This can also be used as an HDMI selector and AV converter. The product is expected to go on sale from January next year, and while pricing is as yet undecided, it is expected to cost around \30,000.
Tsutomu Tano from SKnet's Sales Department explained "this converter is planned to be sold as consumer-use equipment, but we have also heard from visitors that they would like to use this equipment for upconverting to HD at the stage prior to video editing".
[Description of photographs]
Photo 1: The Full HD H.264 Real-time Hardware Encoder SK-HD246HUE
Photo 2: Left display shows unaltered analog video signal output to full HD display via HDMI connection
Right display shows video output after having undergone upscaling and high resolution video processing
Photo 3: The Full HD Ultra High-resolution Video Converter SK-HQCO