[Inter BEE 2009] NTT Electronics, world's fastest class full HD H.264 encoder with ultra-low delay mode

2009.11.19 UP

Incorporating ultra-low (under 100ms) delay mode
NTT Electronics Corporation has improved upon the specifications of the HVE9100 H.264 HDTV/SDTV encoder that went on sale in January 2008, and has announced the addition of a "ultra-low delay mode" capable of under 100ms. NTT Electronics is exhibiting the HV9100, as well as an in-service video quality management system for IPTV, a layer-2/3 switch with support for WDM, and media converters that support WDM in their booth at Inter BEE.

This is amongst the lowest AVC/H.264 signal processing delay at low bit-rates in the world.
At present, the broadcasting industry requires real-time transmission of high-quality video, but of elements contributing to transmission delays, the biggest issue is the delay in image processing.

NTT Electronics has succeeded in achieving a 100ms, ultra-low delay mode with their HVE9100 encoder, that also supports AVC/H.264 HDTV/SDTV.

This mode also supports audio compression, and can dramatically reduce the unpleasantness experience in speech during live recording, and in remote operations of fixed cameras.

The HV9100 series (encoder: HVE9100/decoder: HVD9100) is the first high image quality HDTV/SDTV encoder/decoder with support for High 4:2:2 Profile.

Incorporation of this ultra-low delay mode means a single device can handle everything from live video broadcasts which have a focus on low delay, through to 4:2:2 format transmission.

These new features are scheduled for release in March 2010.