[Inter BEE 2015] Sun TV "Muti-angle, live streaming broadcast experiment" of the Kobe marathon Viewers can select camera images Demo at Inter BEE

2015.11.11 UP

Hybridcast screen image

Hybridcast screen image

System map

System map

■ Demo at the Inter BEE Mediacast booth.

On November 15th, Sun television produced a live program covering the "Fifth Kobe marathon", the full marathon held in Kobe, in which citizens may participate. The program was a "multi-angle, live streaming broadcast experiment" that used Hybridcast. Using their remote controls, viewers were free to control which video to view on their television screen from the live video from cameras set up in multiple locations around the marathon course.

Through the cooperation of the technologies of acTVila and MediaCAST, this is gaining attention as a new technique for sports television broadcasting. MediaCAST is planning to exhibit both technologies at their own booth at Inter BEE 2015 in Makuhari Messe (hall 2, booth 2504) for three days, from November 18th (Wednesday) to 20th (Friday).

■ "We searched for a solution to meet the demands of viewers who would like to watch video from their own preferred viewpoint"

Sun TV have been producing a live broadcast of the Kobe marathon every year, filming runners with cameras at multiple spots, such as at the start (in front of Kobe city office), at the quarter marathon finish (at Sumaura park), at the halfway point (near the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge), and at the finish line (near city square), and then broadcasting the video to viewers through their own television program and via the internet on their website. Sun TV searched for a way to support the wishes of many viewers to "see video from their own chosen location".

■ Applying multicast functionality New programming plan

In our experiment this time we have made use of Hybridcast, and rather than broadcasted video, we offer a "muti-angle, live streaming" service, where video from multiple locations is simultaneously transmitted to television via the internet. Viewers can control via remote control, even on their televisions, which video to watch (Hybridcast compatible television viewers are able to do this.)

In addition to their experiment this time, Sun TV have plans for many strategies to make the most of data broadcasting (including a plan for a present application that all viewers can participate in, and a plan to allow messages of support through Twitter, etc.)

This "marathon that citizens can participate in + live programming that viewers can participate in" will give a boost to crossmedia developments going into the future.

[Program Summary]
Program name: Sysmex sports special KOBE MARATHON 2015 5-ing my way
Broadcast date: November 15th 2015 (Sunday)
First part: 8:30 - 12:30
Second part: 12:30 - 15:25
Third part: 15:25 - 16:15
* Live 7 hour broadcast of the whole event from start to finish

Program site

Details on the 5th Kobe marathon