Inter BEE 2014 TV: IIJ demonstrates a new solution for "4K/HEVC" high-speed conversion in a cloud setting| Hard disk collection service that reduces uploading time and effort o

2014.11.30 UP

IIJ GIO Cloud Transcoding Package

Internet Initiative Japan had an exhibit at Inter BEE 2014, centered around the "IIJ GIO Cloud Transcoding Package", which can convert a video file into any file type used for streaming by simply uploading it to a cloud server. It is a solution that transcodes the content on the cloud server itself. The software for it was developed by American company Capella Systems.
This service is provided by implementing "Cambria FTC" in a cloud environment. By merely uploading a video file to an IIJ cloud server, the conversion process will be handled on the server, and the file will be stored in the format the user ultimately wants.
A "4K/HEVC Compatible Option", which was presented on November 4th as a new function, was introduced in the booth. 4K video files contain large amounts of data, and require large amounts of CPU power and resources to convert. This new solution attempts to greatly reduce the time needed for computing, through clustering technology applied in a cloud setting. The cloud technology that it employs allows the user to take advantage of cutting-edge equipment and services without purchasing an external hard drive. Encoding technology is constantly evolving. Even as it does, users can keep up with the latest technologies to satisfy their needs at a low cost by using a cloud package.
IIJ started providing this package because the number of videos published on the internet is increasing, creating an equally large demand for streaming services. The company is simultaneously starting a "hard disk delivery option" service that allows the user to deliver the original video files on a physical hard drive disk (HDD). The aim of this service is to help avoid the burden of time and effort used while uploading videos, which is an issue on the Internet.
In more specific terms, the package consigns the help of NTT Data Smartsourcing, and uses its content handling service. Once the user has sent a hard drive through a motorbike or postal delivery service, the files on it are uploaded and converted automatically, and a notification is sent to the user upon completion.

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