【InterBEE2012】IT Access exhibits HEVC-compatible image quality assessment tools and second screen solutions by Civolution.

2012.11.8 UP

MPEG-2 TS real-time monitoring software, Orion
second screen solution, SyncNow

second screen solution, SyncNow

IT Access (cross-media division #8305) will be exhibiting audio/visual quality inspection solutions in the form of Interra Systems' Vega Media Analyzer, an offline A/V stream analyzer, and real-time media content monitoring software, Orion, as well as the SynchNow second screen tool by Civolution. They will be demonstrating the practical use of several new products at their booth.

■ The first exhibition of the HEVC-compatible, Vega HVEC Analyzer offline A/V stream analyzer
The Vega Media Analyzer by Interra Systems is an offline A/A analysis tool which has a wide variety of uses. It is compatible with H.264 video (FR-Ext :High, High10, High4:2:2, High4:4:4), MPEG-2 video, MPEG-4 video, AAC, HE-AAC, AMR, Dolby AC3 audi codec, MPEG-2 transport stream, MPEG-2 program stream, MP4, 3GPP, 3GPP2, DVD VOB, AVC file format, VC1 video (Microsoft WMV9 format), and ASF.
The Vega HEVC Analyzer, presented at this year's InterBEE, will be the world's first introduction of an A/V stream analyzer that is compatible with the new international codec standard, HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). Sales Director, Miho Fukuda, has described it as, 'a product that meets the tremendous demand expressed by makers of HEVC encoders and decoders.'

■ Interra Systems' to exhibit Orion, software that performs real-time TS monitoring over a network
Orion, the MPEG-2 TS real-time monitoring software by Terra Systems, performs real-time TS monitoring on IP networks, as well as A/V codec standards and quality inspections. It can perform noise block, freeze frame, and blackout frame for video in real-time, as well as real-time inspections for loudness, silence, and volume level.
 Orion can also perform automatic or size-specific CAPTCHA, and stream debugging, using Interra Systems' own Vega Media Analyzer offline A/V stream analyzer.
 Additional A/V quality inspection solutions, including NTT Electronics' QE1000 image quality evaluation software, which conforms to international ITU-T J.247 Annex A standards, with enhanced loudness, noise, and silence checking functions, and Interra Systems' digital content quality auto-inspection system, Baton, will also be demonstrated.

■ SyncNow, a second screen solution using audio watermarking, to be exhibited
 Dutch company Civolution will exhibit its SyncNow second screen solution, incorporating audio watermarking, which they began selling and offering tech support for in January 2011. They will also demonstrate the practical use of audio digital watermarking for linking TV content to a smartphone or tablet.
 Civolution offers digital fingerprint technology. Their SyncNow second screen solution utilizes their own audio watermarking technology, which incorporates watermarks that disseminate content ID's and time codes over the audible frequency band. According to Fukuda, 'You will be able to automatically display relevant information from a video segment through a smartphone or tablet application. Additionally, with the audio watermarking feature, even when you add content, the watermark remains, and the sound's quality is preserved.' Fukuda explained further, 'New standards for second screen services are currently being considered, but merely by adding watermarks to audio content with this technology, you will be able to use existing television, radio, and DVDs, etc. without the need to connect them to the internet. Simply by receiving streaming audio on a smartphone or tablet app, you will have the ability to simultaneously display, along with a program, a product showcase page, gift subscription page, quiz page, and so on, allowing you to easily use a smartphone or tablet as a second screen for television or radio.'
 The SyncNow product line includes software that incorporates audio watermarking, as well as application development kits for Android and iOS (SDK). SyncNow-compatible hardware made by Axon is required to incorporate audio watermarking when using it with a live radio or television broadcast.

【InterBEE 2012】
Inter BEE is a convention of top-level audio, video, and communications professionals from Japan and abroad, gathered under one roof, demonstrating the latest in broadcast equipment, video equipment, lighting, IPTV, Mobile TV, and cross-media applications and solutions. This exhibition is an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in all realms of the creative media business.
Held November 14 (Tue) - 16 (Fri) at Makuhari Messe (Free Admission)