Inter BEE 2014 TV: WebTechnology exhibition of Software for Converting PSD Files into Hybridcast Compatible HTML5 content| Automatic Processing of Individual Layer Image Outputs and Coordinate/Effect Settings, etc.

2014.11.30 UP

CrossPSD for Hybridcast had their own booth at Inter BEE 2014, in which they exhibited “CrossPSD for Hybridcast,” software that allows PSD files to be converted into Hybridcast compatible HTML5 content. PSD’s created in Photoshop by a designer can be automatically converted into CSS in a HTML5 file with each individual layer kept separate, and coordinates and effects settings in place, etc. This will reduce the amount of work involved in making content for Hybridcast.
“CrossPSD for Hybridcast” is now on sale, and a trial version is currently being prepared.

Also at WebTechnology’s booth, “OPTPiX imesta 7 for Digital Broadcast,” a piece of software that uses OPTPiX image optimization technology, was on exhibit. The technology can compress the amount of data required for an image while maintaining image quality, and is widely used for game and mobile contents. “OPTPiX imesta 7 for Digital broadcast” is a product targeted at digital data broadcasters.

In addition to this, the ASP Service “OPTPix live wallpaper maker,” that allows the creation of moving wallpapers for smartphones, was on display. Live wallpapers can be made in a web browser by uploading images or materials, adjusting the settings, and clicking the “Create” button. This product will be able to be used by broadcasters to create live wallpapers for promoting their programs, and animated character wallpapers for sale, etc. It will be particularly useful in broadcasters’ efforts to develop content for smartphones.

Main office location: 〒171-0021 Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Nishi-Ikebukuro 5-14-8 Tokai Ikebukuro Biru