【Inter BEE 2012】 Harmonic Japan to exhibit digital content workflow solutions: state of the art equipment for data transmission, highly functional servers, and transcorders for multiscreen devices

2012.11.11 UP

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Continuing from last year, Harmonic Japan (television/broadcasting technology department, #7516) will exhibit its digital content workflow solutions.
The company exhibits end-to-end solutions for content creation and distribution from encoding to recording, editing, transcoding, transmitting, and consumption on multiscreens.
Harmonic will introduce its technology for each stage of the workflow process at separate booths for: 'Contribution/Distribution & Delivery'; 'Production & Playout'; and 'Multiscreen.' Demonstrations will also be held to display how the different product groups work together seamlessly and organically.

'Contribution/Distribution & Delivery'
Concrete examples will be introduced for how imaging services can benefit broadcasting stations, cable stations, satellite broadcasting, and IPTV. There will be a demonstration of how the below products can be used to universally manage and perform processes ranging from decoding to transmission through the digital service manager NMX.
○ 'Ellips 1000': MPEG2/H.264SD low delay encoder perfect for low delay contributions (material transmissions).
○ 'Electra 9200': real-time, multi-format encoder for both high quality and low bit rates.
○ 'ProView 7100': Professional IRD (receiver/decoder) with a DVB descrambling function for multi-format video decoding.
○ 'ProStream 9000 with ACE': Stream processor and next-generation transcoder with updated hardware.

'Production & Playout'
New products will be introduced from Spectrum, the media server line of Omneon, as well as cost-effective, compact ingest and playout solutions using the Spectrum's playout device, Channel Port.
Also on exhibit will be Spectrum MediaStore 5000's space-saving storage array, which reduces costs and energy consumption, and Omneon's flagship line of Spectrum SSD storage all-in-one media servers, including the MediaDeck 7000 SSD.
There will also be a demo on the newly added functions to Channel Port, which enable users to perform channel branding functions such as adding logo/regulations, subtitles, scrolling text, and full screen slating to existing channels, as well as well graphics and master control switch functions.

In addition, the Omneon MediaGrid 3000 will be exhibited for its multiple non-linear uses as a central server, and as a content server for multiscreen and broadcasting applications. The related program tools to be discussed include Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Xpri, Grass Valley EDIUS, and Autodesk Smoke.
There will be a demo showcasing Media Application Server, which offers SQL metadata storage, and how it can be integrated with MediaCenter and MediaDeck for workflow processes ranging from recording to editing and transmitting. With ProMedia Carbon, a file-base transcorder, and the automatic automatic work flow engine, WFS, it is possible to combine transcorder and quality check functions and support automatic file-based processes.

Multiscreen solutions using ProMedia will be presented.
The company will perform a demo on how ProMedia Live, a state of the art transcorder, which employs Harmonic's top notch video codec technology, can achieve high quality, high volume streaming solutions by working together with a number of standard streaming packages like ProMedia Package, HTTP Streaming Server ProMedia Origin.
In addition, related solutions through third-party Content Management System (CMS) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) will also be presented.

Harmonic Encoded/OTT, MediaGrid, Spectrum are also to be exhibited at partner company booths.
[Products shown at partner company booths:]
[Ikegami] # 7209 'Spectrum'
[Adobe Systems] # 8517 'MediaGrid'
[Fujitsu (Kaga Sorunetto)] # 6408 'MediaGrid'
[Itochu Cable Systems] # 6402 'MediaDeck 7000'
[Inokosu] # 5502 'ProMedia Live,' and each type of encoder