Inter Bee 2014: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Exhibits "Next-Gen Video Transmission System Solution" theme| Demo high-resolution video broadcasting thanks to HEVC/H.265

2014.11.10 UP

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation satellite transmission HDTV high-speed modem.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation satellite transmission HDTV high-speed modem.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation exhibited at a booth at Inter BEE 2014 between November 19th (Wed) - 21st at Chiba's Makuhari Messe, where they demonstrated their products and technology to the theme of "Next-Gen Video Broadcast System Solutions".

■ Transmission material demo with their own HEVC/H.265 codec technology
High-resolution video encoding HEVC/H.265 codec technology makes use of original encoding control techniques for HEVC/H.265 formats to transmit high-resolution material. This encoder also takes up less space thanks to its 1U high half-rack mount size. At the booth the HEVC/H.265 can be compared with the H.264.

■ Incredibly light-weight HD high-speed modem for satellite transmission
Satellite transmission HDTV high-speed modems are fully compatible with Mitsubishi's existing equipment. As they're made to use DVB-S/DSNG/S2 standards, they can be switched to smoothly. The weight and size of the chassis has been halved to allow for the use these models in limited space.
As technology to optimize operational frequency, it uses a 64APSK modulation mode with 5% roll off factor, which means the required bandwidth can be further narrowed. A demonstration of narrowband transmission waveform will be held at the booth.

■ Preparation of a number of demonstrations using existing equipment such as the helicopter locational information display demo
In addition, the helicopter locational information display (aerial and map images) from Helisat, and the 'Weather Forecast Automatic Transmission Equipment' were explained by computer screen. Set to project the demo video using a DLP format projector system.
Also to display their exhibition products in each corner, including prototypes.
There will be someone to explain the products and inform people about the next demonstration in each corner.

Including the items above, the major exhibition systems are as follows:
・HEVC/H.265 codec technology
・Satellite transmission HDTV high-speed modem
・High-output Ku-band GaN module
・Helisat system / Helicopter locational display
・ Satellite automatic-capture portable antenna equipment
・Weather forecast automatic transmission system
・DLP format projector system

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