[Inter BEE 2014] IIJ demoes a high-speed cloud based video transcoding solution that supports 4K/HEVC | Also saves upload time by accepting hard disks loaded with files

2014.11.14 UP

Cambria FTC, the file conversion software used with IIJ GIO's Cloud Transcode Package

Cambria FTC, the file conversion software used with IIJ GIO's Cloud Transcode Package

IIJ GIO Cloud Transcode Package workflow

IIJ GIO Cloud Transcode Package workflow

For three days from November 19th through 21st, Internet Initiative (IIJ) displayed at Inter BEE 2014 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. It was the group's first time hosting a standalone booth (#6703), where they showed the IIJ GIO Cloud Transcode Package, a solution that lets users easily convert video files to streaming formats by simply uploading them to the cloud. Other solutions were also on display.

The main draw of their exhibit was the new support for 4K/HEVC added as an option to the IIJ GIO Cloud Transcode Package. Bunji Yamamoto, Senior Engineer for the Planning Section, Product Promotion Unit, Product Team at Internet Initiative, said, "In terms of how to use 4K content, one of the main approaches today is streaming video over a network connection. By providing the computing power and resources needed to convert (transcode) files to 4K on the cloud, we want to make 4K streaming easier and more widespread."

■IIJ GIO Cloud Transcode Package creates dedicated storage space and rapidly converts file types

The IIJ GIO Cloud Transcode Package is a solution that runs off of a cloud-based implementation of Cambria FTC, developed by American firm Capella Systems. Because video file conversion requires major CPU power and resources, securing workstations and hardware puts a considerable strain on content creation companies' funds. IIJ's Yamamoto says, "With this approach, users can convert files without having to retain hardware resources to do so. The cloud is the ideal platform to make use of the latest tools and services. With more and more video content being offered online and the demand for streaming on the rise, we decided now was the time to offer this solution."

On November 4th, IIJ announced that 4K/HEVC support was being added to the IIJ GIO Cloud Transcode Package. Yamamoto says, "It has four times the pixels of HD and twice the framerate, which means it also requires several tens of times more processing time. Transcoding a clip about ten minutes long can occupy a workstation for half a day. There are major benefits to streamlining this process to the cloud and not having to invest in assets for 4K conversion."

The system supports HEVC (High Efficiency Video Codec)/H.265, a codec optimized around compression of 4K video content. Jun Kondo, also at IIJ's Planning Section, Product Promotion Unit, Product Team said, "HEVC/H.265 just became a standard in 2014, so there is room for growth. Using the cloud lets users catch up to the latest developments at a low cost." At IIJ's booth, a demo of the IIJ GIO Transcode Package was given, showing the benefits of using the cloud for video transcoding.

■Deliver files with the convenience of a familiar hard disk (HDD)
In addition to offering the IIJ GIO Cloud Transcode Package, IIJ is offering a service where users can send raw video data on a hard disk. For those with large data to work with, uploading the files online could take considerable time. "Depending on network conditions, there can be cases where it takes longer to upload the files than to actually transcode them. We accept physical hard disks as a time-saving workaround," says Yamamoto.

Specifically, the company has contracted with NTT Data Smart Sourcing to use its content handling service. Users ship HDDs by courier or shipping service and have their files automatically uploaded to the cloud and converted, whereupon they receive a notification. "This is a file-based workflow that uses the cloud, but the process of delivering HDDs with raw data works in the traditional mode, so users can avail themselves of this new service without changing anything," says Yamamoto, showing IIJ's confidence in the usability enhancements the cloud-based era offers.

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