【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Harmonic Japan ― Demonstrating 15Mbps HEVC 60p playback of 4K video recorded on RED

2013.11.14 UP

4K HEVC software transcoder


Harmonic Japan (booth: 7314) is showing a demo reproducing high-quality 4K HEVC 60p at 15Mbps, software-transcoded from 4K video shot with a RED camera.
Additionally, on display in the central storage system corner is MediaGrid, a new technology which provides four layers of protection via replication processing. ChannelPort adds video server output as well as an interactive graphics overlay function. Harmonic is demonstrating overlays of up to eight layers. The product can handle everything from cable to master control.

In addition, inside the Harmonic Japan booth the company is giving the first ever Japanese demonstration of a media management tool for file-based workflows. The solution will be offered as an integrated part of Harmonic's network system. Axle Video's media management tool performs a variety of functions including video file retrieval from video pools, subclip selection for editing purposes, review/approval by staff, and even media transcoding. The tool is also simple and affordably priced (starting at ¥150,000). Features include browser and iPad support, search, tagging, collaboration, partial clip selection, transcoding, and more.