Inter BEE 2014 TV: Attain Exhibits its Latest Teleprompters and Speech Prompter | SSP Series Teleprompter Features 4 Modes of Operation

2014.11.21 UP

A teleprompter

Attain, a specialist in teleprompter devices, is showing two new teleprompters and one speech prompter at booth 5209 at Inter BEE 2014.
One of Attain's new teleprompters can be converted between four modes. Another has a large form factor and is designed for the display of large text. The new speech prompter, meanwhile, targets lectures and ceremonies. Attain is offering these products for direct sale or rental.

The SSP Series Teleprompter is designed for video recording uses and can be attached to a camera tripod. A half mirror aligns in front of the camera lens, allowing the speaker to read the text shown on the mirror while looking directly into the camera. The included software also allows text displayed on an LCD screen to be scrolled as it progresses. Four modes are offered: a standard mode, one in which the device is placed on the ground, one where it is fitted onto a stand, and one where it is placed above the user. The unit also has multi-lingual support. The accompanying monitors are offered in 8, 10, 15, 17, and 19 inch sizes.

The WJ Series Teleprompter is also designed to be affixed to a camera tripod. Like the SSP Series, a half mirror allows the speaker to read the text while keeping eyes fixed on the camera. A larger 22'' monitor can also be installed on this device.
The WJ19 Speech Prompter is designed to display documents used when reading a speech. The audience does not see the text -- only a transparent glass panel is visible. The case used for transporting the unit also serves as a stand. The pole height and half mirror angle can also be adjusted.