[Inter BEE 2015 TV] Pioneer DJ An exhibition of mid to high range dance floor speakers that you won't get tired of listening to even if you are on the floor for a long time

2015.11.20 UP

Dance floor speaker system GS-WAVE Series

At the Inter BEE 2015 Pioneer DJ booth (booth number 1203), dance floor speaker system GS-WAVE series and others were being displayed.

These are speakers are not only capable of reproducing powerful deep bass sounds particular to dance music, but also achieve a clear reproduction of the mid to high range, so that even if you are on the dance floor for a long time you will not become tired of listening to them.

Through the overwhelming acoustics, you can enjoy dance music through your entire body.

The XY series speaker system, which is aimed at commercial facility use, was also exhibited. A speaker system that, while having a compact size, is able to produce high quality sound over a large area. It can be used not only as PA speakers, where efficiency and durability are important, but also as DJ booth monitors, where large volume in a near field is necessary. This makes it possible to experience the same powerful sound as on the dance floor, even when in the DJ booth.