News: MotionElements to launch at Inter BEE a worldwide marketplace for VR/360° videos and photos!! The company will also launch its AI-based, intuitive visual/audio search functionality.

2016.11.8 UP

360° marketplace planned for launch

360° marketplace planned for launch

MotionElements, a company that operates Asia's largest video and music market (headquarters: Singapore), will be exhibiting its service at Inter BEE, held at Makuhari Messe, from November 16th (Wed) to 18th (Fri). The company's CEO, Mark Sun, will come to Japan to visit the booth (Hall 4, Booth number: 4102) to launch their VR/360° video and photo marketplace on the first day of the InterBEE 2016 exhibition. The company also plans to demonstrate its existing AI-based visual/audio search.

Asia's First VR/360° Photo and Video Market Site
 MotionElements, based in Singapore, operates an online content marketplace ( aimed at taking video content created in Asia and distributing it to the rest of the world. It is provided as a royalty-free, low-cost service. The service supports seven different languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), German, Thai, and Spanish. It provides a high-quality stock of videos, royalty-free, with over 1.5 million files, including videos, music, 3D models, after-effects, Apple motion templates, and more.
 The company will be launching to the whole world its VR/360° photo and video marketplace on the first day of the InterBEE 2016 exhibition.
 Manager of the Japan Office, Daisuke Sato, explains about the objectives of the marketplace, "As well as selling videos, music, and AE templates, we will also be selling 360° content for VR. This new VR/360° image and video marketplace will be the first of its kind in Asia, and we are already getting some orders from advertising companies. We want to provide not only still photos and videos, but we also want to offer a much wider variety of content, such as illustrations, computer graphics, and more."
 The licensing of the content provided by the site is all royalty-free, enabling customers to use it any number of times on any type of media.
 "We are currently still at the collection stage for VR/360° content, but within half a year, we intend to start selling over 10,000 files of VR/360° content," says Daisuke Sato with great enthusiasm.

Launch of AI-based Visual/Audio Search Functionality's most prominent functionality is its AI-based visual search and audio search. This functionality allows users to search through abstract images or content that is difficult to verbalize, not through the use of keywords but by uploading sample videos and images, or audio files. This provides users with an intuitive method for finding the closest content to their requirements. The company also plans to supply the site's core technology to other companies.
 Sato says, "We want to customize our product so that broadcasting stations, and other types of companies that archive a large amount of content, are able to implement our system."
 The company plans to demonstrate its AI-based visual/audio search at its exhibition booth.


Japanese office: 3 Floor Ark Hills, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-6003
Inter BEE booth: Video Production/Broadcasting Equipment Category / Hall 4 / 4102

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