[Inter BEE 2016 TV] CreateLED Exhibited the Ultra-high Definition LED Signage 1.6mmP AirMAG-1 for the First Time in Japan and Exhibited Displays Allowing Curved Surfaces and Complex Combinations

2016.11.25 UP

"CUBE-shaped LED"


At Inter BEE 2016, CreateLED exhibited "AirMAG-1," the 1.6mmP interior digital signage LED panel. With a 5m x 3.5m size, it provides ulta-high definition LED signage of a 3,000 x 2,100 pixel resolution. This was the first exhibition in Japan. Additionally, a 1.9mmP indoor LED was also exhibited. This is an upgraded version from last year's exhibition, enabling output of video with higher luminance and definition.
Also, "AirWAVE," the 3.9mmP high definition curved surface display, and "AirMAGICBOX," enabling creative compositions through the combination of various shapes, were exhibited. At the venue, various videos with 3D videos laid on top of displays composed of complex shapes were exhibited.

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