[Inter BEE 2015 TV] Artiza Networks Releases MMT Compatible IP Recording, Playback, and Analysis Equipment

2015.11.19 UP


Artiza Networks displayed a piece of equipment which records and plays IP transmissions of 4K8K video at the company's Inter BEE 2015 booth (Video/broadcasting machinery category , Booth No. 2514).
The equipment is also compatible with MMT (multiplex method streaming), the new standard in the recording, playback, and analysis equipment of IP-delivered uncompressed HD video.
The equipments strongest feature was its base of "absolutely no-packets-lost capture functionality", and "high precision". High levels of precision are demanded in recording, playback, and analysis processes in order to create excellence in high quality video. Artiza, using its high precision IP transmission technology and testing knowhow cultivated through its development and testing of high end mobile communication base stations, has realized this high standard in precision and quality.
These equipment brings together the functionality necessary for excellent video quality in one, compact unit, including continuously updating time and address information necessary for MMT streaming playback, and the measurement of jitter and bitrate.
■ Recording Functionality
・Records video in its complete state, with no loss of IP packets.
・Includes high volume storage drives (models range 2TB - 48TB)
■ Playback Functionality
  ・Can playback with high precision timestamps
  ・Continuously updates time and address information during playback
■ Analysis Functionality
  ・Packet analysis display, jitter and bitrate measurement
  ・Simple operation screen