[NEWS] Full Score demos 8K production workflow offerings at Inter BEE 2016; unveils systems providing great value for money, leveraging the company's track record in 8K test broadcast production

2016.11.11 UP

8K production workflow planned for display at Inter BEE

8K production workflow planned for display at Inter BEE

Full Score will present an exhibit at Inter BEE 2016, held for three days from November 16th (Wed.) to the 18th (Fri.) at Makuhari Messe. At their company booth (Hall 4 / 4715), Full Score will offer a demo of a smooth 8K production workflow, from the development of raw data recorded with a Sony F65 SR to the production of data for delivery.

•Full Score demos Transkoder 2016, a full-featured 8K-compatible mastering system
The 8K production workflow features Colorfront's Transkoder 2016 software operating from a workstation from Supermicro. In tandem with devices such as a Final Cut X and Davinci Resolve-loaded Mac Pro and a Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 4K Extreme, Full Score offers 8K production systems that excel in terms of value for money.
Transkoder 2016 is a UHDTV-compatible mastering system. While being Windows-based, it offers native ProRes support, providing efficient codec changing and wrapping for 8K and 4K data. The system is compatible with a wide range of file formats. Another of its features is that it does not require dedicated hardware. It is compatible with both DCP and IMF mastering, and it enables dual simultaneous mastering thanks to its dual 4K outputs. Transkoder 2016 also supports JPEG2000 encoding. The system also offers an abundance of other features including 32-bit floating point processing with the use of multiple GPUs, and MXF wrapping.
With the cooperation of TID, the system presented at the exhibition venue will be constructed with the use of the ExaSAN series of high-speed storage devices. TID's booth (booth number 4714) is located next to Full Score's. The two companies plan to hold demos in which devices from both booths are connected.

•A long list of 8K/4K program production achievements
Full Score has been engaged in 8K/4K photography, production, direction, and editing for NHK and its affiliates. Specific examples include the production and editing for "The Amazing World of 8K Realism," a program intended for 8K test broadcasting; and the 8K program "Rio Carnival 2016." Full Score builds its 8K production workflow on the basis of accomplishments such as these and the resulting expertise.
Full Score's editing room is already equipped with the 8K Compact Player, which enables 8K60p playback. By linking with the 8K editing system, it enables the production of a deliverable product while accurately checking the finishing touches.
Meanwhile, on its own premises, Full Score has actually installed Transkoder 2016, which appears at this demo, and a system making full use of GPU architecture. In using these products for actual production, Full Score has verified the results firsthand. Mr. Tetsuya Ichikawa is editing coordinator in the company's editing department, as well as product manager in the HD solution development department. He is also responsible for 8K systems architecture. "With Transkoder 2016 and a system that takes full advantage of GPU architecture, it has become possible to do 8K60p playback checks even while handling HD image data, as well as transcoding, conversion, and wrapping in real-time or with high-speed processing that is close to real time," says Mr. Ichikawa.

•"We want people to have a closer experience of 8K, and we want to get more people involved."
At Inter BEE, Mr. Ichikawa speaks about Full Score's aim in openly sharing its know-how in this way.
"In 8K production, doing the operations like collecting material, converting, previewing, rendering, and backing up, one-by-one, will take more time than ever before. For a comfortable editing experience with peace of mind, the matter of how we create a smooth workflow without waste is an important one. By optimizing HD image data for software and hardware, we can work more rapidly and more reliably.
"For Full Score's part, with this exhibit, we want people to have a closer experience of 8K, and we want to get more people involved in 8K production. We want people to know that 8K editing is possible even without expensive equipment, and we want to extend the range of 8K production.
"As a creator, in order to create a simpler editing environment, I make the ability to use existing applications a requirement for the system architecture. I aim to build an environment where editing can be done with the same sort of response as HDTV, so that processing and checking operations like color grading and telop insertion can be done smoothly. By accumulating test results and practical results, we've combined the selection and linking of equipment. We can flexibly handle a variety of requirements for production environments, and so we would certainly love for you to consult with us at our both." (Mr. Ichikawa)