(InterBEE 2013) Flashback Japan showcases "Beauty Box Video," skin retouching software for the 4K era that can automatically remove wrinkles and blemishes.

2013.11.18 UP

Beauty Box Video 3
The Beauty Box Video 3 demo

The Beauty Box Video 3 demo

The Flashback Japan booth

The Flashback Japan booth

Flashback Japan demonstrated the Japanese version of Beauty Box Video 3 (pictured above) by the U.S. firm Digital Anarchy at InterBEE 2013 (held for three days, Nov. 13th-15th, at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba). The program automatically removes wrinkles and blemishes, giving subjects beautiful skin. Utilizing the GPU enables rapid rendering of 4K video, which should allow it to be used with performances of actors and models in high definition videos.

• Automatically removes wrinkles and blemishes
Beauty Box Video 3 by Digital Anarchy is a skin retouching software that automatically removes wrinkles and blemishes to create beautiful skin, simply by applying filters to video clips, and can be used as a plugin for Avid, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro. Also, Digital Anarchy has ported a Japanese language version, which is now on sale in Japan.
The program features the ability to automatically analyze skin tone, then automatically generate an accurate mask for the skin area by pinpointing skin only, leaving hair and clothing untouched. It also has a newly added skin smoothing feature that employs new technology, which it can use to remove wrinkles and defects while at the same time preserving important details. Additionally, being able to perform automated tasks for whole clips eliminates the necessity to make frame-by-frame skin modifications, as has been done in the past.

• Smooth 4K video using GPU
Furthermore, the program comes with 36 built-in preset functions, such as smoothing adaptation settings for individual layers that utilize external masks and mask specification adjustment. It supports graphics cards such as ATI and NVIDIA, and Marketing Director Yoshimitsu Asahara explained, “Using the GPU enables rapid rendering of even 4K video.” Asahara added, “In order to do retouching separately, some customers use it for the sole purpose of creating masks for just the skin-only areas,” expressing that there are examples of uses for the software other than its primary purpose.

Flashback Japan is currently holding a Beauty Box discount promotion strictly for InterBEE attendees.

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