[Inter BEE 2015 TV] Ascent presents the U.S.'s No.1 video presentation system that ignites the excitement of the sports stadium experience

2015.11.20 UP


Ascent presented Click Effects, an audio and video content management and delivery system for sports events, at its booth at Inter BEE 2015 (Video and broadcasting equipment division; Booth No. 4307).

Click Effects is a product of U.S.-based Sound & Video Creations, Inc., and is a system for managing and distributing audio and video content for sports events at stadiums and arenas. It enables easy control of various video content used for presentation.

The product's high usability has led to its earning an extremely high share in the North American professional sports market. In the North American market, its share is 63% for the National Basketball Association, 68% for Major League Soccer, 70% for the National Hockey League, 75% for the National Football League, and 80% for Major and Minor League Baseball.

It will be promoted as a tool for realizing a higher level of sports entertainment in the runup to the Olympics and the Rugby World Cup.