[Inter BEE 2016 TV] Explorer displays UHD video delivery-related products including "GearBox" 12G-SDI evaluation board with uncompressed 4K60p capability

2016.11.25 UP



Image Cube

Image Cube

At Inter BEE 2016, the video technology-focused codec product developer Explorer's exhibit introduced their products involving ultra-high definition video delivery. This included a demo of the company's full range of 4K/2K (full HD) video delivery solutions. Explorer also displayed products including their 4K/2K (full HD) H.265/HEVC Encoders, and their GearBox board, which allows switching to 12G-SDI, as required for the delivery of uncompressed 4K video.

The main products on display from Explorer were as follows.
•H.265/HEVC 2K (full HD) Encoder
This encoder is compatible with H.265/HEVC, which is the latest image compression technology. It enables transmission with twice the compression of H.264, as well as stable HD video delivery at lower transmission rates. At this year's exhibit, Explorer provided a demo comparing full HD video encoded by the H.265/HEVC Encoder and decoded by the H.265/HEVC Decoder with plain full HD video output.

•H.265/HEVC 4K Encoder
Enables 4K (3840x2160) video transmission using the high compression efficiency of H.265/HEVC. In their display, Explorer converted 4K video output from four 3G-SDI links with a single 12G-SDI, encoded this with the H.265/HEVC Encoder, and decoded it with the H.265/HEVC Decoder.
The company also gave a demo comparing 4K video outputted by the H.265/HEVC Decoder with 4K video sent out uncompressed.

•GearBox board solution
The GearBox board is an evaluation board compatible with 12G-SDI, which is necessary in order to transmit uncompressed 4K/60p ultra high definition video.
This board can transmit video in 12G-SDI with Maycom's SDI products. It can also perform a variety of SDI transmission rate changes, such as one 12G-SDI to four 3G-SDI links with the FPGA from Xilinx, or four 3G-SDI links to one 12G-SDI.
At this exhibition, Explorer demonstrated the GearBox board's ability to change a 4K test pattern from four 3G-SDI links outputted from a signal generator into one 12G-SDI and loop back the waveform.

In addition to the above products, Explorer others from its own lineup and that of its parent company Paltek Corporation, including: the "Image CUBE" 8K/4K video processing board, the "EHH-6321 E/D" compact H.264 live broadcasting device, and the "EHH-7021 E/D" H.264 IP storage broadcasting device.
•Image CUBE
Image CUBE is an image processing device capable of handling ultra high definition video processes, including video synthesis and upconversion. It consists of a main board equipped with an abundance of high-speed FPGA transceivers and a sub-board with a physical interface. Explorer introduced its new 12G-SDI-compatible sub-board.
This unit is capable of migration with a minimized customization in which the latest interface is switched to an existing interface, with the use of FireFly cables from Samtec.

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