【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Heiwa Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd. displays its flagship model RSPLUS 750/850 With exhibits to experience the 7-step torque variable counterbalance system, and a repair consultation counter

2013.11.14 UP

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 Heiwa Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd. (7202) is displaying the newest models of their company's large-camera tripod RSPLUS, "RSP-750C" and "RSP-850C," as well as their telescopic jib arm "SWIFTJIB50KIT" and remote head "REMO30."

■ The camera tripod "RSPLUS" allows smooth start and stop of pan and tilt movements, through its torque unit
The "RSPLUS" system uses a newly developed 100 mm ball head RHP85/75, which was developed for ENG cameras, studio cameras and digital cinema. The system consists of a tripod base and pedestal system.
The new "RSP750C," which has been sold since March of this year, is a video tripod for ENG cameras with a payload of 17 kg. It features continuous counterbalance adjustment and a 7-step torque adjustment for pan and tilt, with counterbalance range from 5.5 to 14 kg.
The "RSP-850" is the flagship model video tripod for ENG cameras with a payload of 25 kg. It features a continuous counterbalance adjustment system, and a 7-step torque adjustment.

■ Proposal of the combination use of telescopic jib arm "SWIFTJIB50KIT" with remote head "REMO30"
The telescopic jib arm "SWIFTJIB50KIT" and remote head "REMO30" allow easy filming with crane effect both indoors and outdoors, due to their ease of use.
The remote head "REMO30" is a remote head for small cameras with a payload of 5kg, allows rotational angles of over 360 degrees, and has a splash-proof drive mechanism. Combined with the telescopic jib arm "SWIFTJIB50KIT," the "REMO30" allows filming from a height of 3m 75 cm, and is used in various genres such as drama, events, movies, and variety programs, where professional filming with a small crew is needed.

■ Adopted as filming equipment for the movie "Oshin"
The telescopic jib arm "SWIFTJIB50KIT" and remote head "REMO30," along with the RSPLUS tripod "RSP-850M" were adopted as filming equipment for this movie and effectively used even in extremely cold environments.

■ Experience the newest equipment with an exhibit with the feel of a real studio
 The company's booth at InterBEE 2013 will also feature the studio pedestal "RSP-850PD(S)" and the indoor rail system "TR-320," which allows mounting of tripods and jib arms. Furthermore, the exhibit booth will be set up so that visitors can experience the equipment in a studio-like atmosphere.