【InterBEE 2013 TV】ComodoMattina Presents QU-16 Compact Digital Mixer, Approaching The Ultimate In Ease Of Use, USB HDD Connection Enables 16ch Multi-Tracking

2013.11.14 UP

QU-16 Compact Digital Mixer

 ComodoMattina (booth 4202) is showcasing its QU-16 Compact Digital Mixer, a model that has been on sale in Japan since August. In search of a more compact and more user-friendly design, the price has also become more affordable. It is mountable on a 19-inch rack, equipped with 16 inputs (3 stereo) and 12 outputs, and comes in at a pretax price of ¥299,000.
 The QU-16 has all the features of standard high-end equipment. It is capable of 16-channel multi-tracking with its USB HDD connection, and also comes with the option of connecting directly to an I/O module with a Cat 5 cable or using remote I/O.