【Inter BEE 2013】OTARITEC showcase several new products from a variety of manufacturers. Lawo’s 'V_Pro8' video processor is loaded with multi-format converting, color correction, and embedding/de-embedding functions

2013.11.14 UP

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 This year, OTARITEC brought out even more innovative new products by manufacturers than in past years. From Finnish monitor speaker brand, Genelec, which celebrates the 35th anniversary of its founding this year, they showcased the 'M-Series' monitor speakers, the company’s first speakers strictly for music production, which had been announced at the Frankfurt Musikmesse this spring. The speakers are Genelec’s first to be equipped with Class D amps, and their enclosure is constructed from advanced materials. OTARITEC also presented the '1237A', from Genelec’s new lineup of DSP system 'Smart Active Monitor' three-way monitoring systems, which were introduced at IBC2013.
 At IBC2013, German digital audio console manufacturer, Lawo, unveiled its new 'V_Pro8', a video processor loaded with high-quality multi-format converting, color correction, and embedding/de-embedding functions. The 'V_Pro8' also functions as a matrix system with flexible routing of 8×8 video and 384×384 audio matrices.
 Jünger’s loudness controllers gain their notoriety from their 'Level Magic' precision level-control algorithm. Further advances in the existing 'T*AP' and 'D*AP' series were exhibited.
 U.S. small stage microphone manufacturer, Point Source Audio, has also completely revamped their product line. Their 'CO-8' omnidirectional model combines popular 360 degree boom flexibility with IP57 level water resistance, and its maximum SPL has been boosted to 148 decibels.