【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Manfrotto ― Displaying bridge technology heads, DSLR tripods, and small, lightweight rigs suitable for Japanese builds

2013.11.15 UP



 Manfrotto (booth: 8109) is displaying its new products, including the 500 series of bridge technology heads.
Two years ago the company introduced the 504HD, then the 509 and 502 after that. The company started selling the 500 series this summer. The designs and wide top plates have made it a popular tripod suitable for the latest DSLR. The company has twin aluminum types, carbon fiber single monopods, and video monopods. For SYMPLA products, the company is displaying a rig specialized for DSLR. The light, compact design is easier on shoulders and suits Japanese builds. It is possible to actually touch the various new products and try them out at the venue.