Inter BEE 2013 – A&A  Display of Vectorworks Spotlight, a CAD software for stage lighting, artwork, and sound planning Visualize the light and sound of your imagination

2013.11.26 UP

  At the InterBEE 2013, A&A displayed their Vectorworks2013 series, the new version of CAD software Vectorworks, a highly functional, all-purpose 2D/3D software. This product is developed by American company Nemetschek Vectorworks, and sold in Japan by A&A. The product displayed on this occasion, Vectorworks Spotlight, contains a particularly ample selection of support functionality for the entertainment industry, such as lighting and sound planning, even when compared with others in the same series. As one staff member explains, “this is a condensed collection of the functions for stage lighting, artwork, and sound planning traditionally equipped on the Vectorworks device.” By specializing certain functions, the product has become easier to use and easier to purchase. They set up a corner at which they held demonstrations introducing distinctive Spotlight functions, and also allowed visitors to try the product for themselves. (The above photo shows a creation plan for a speaker system built using Vectorworks Spotlight)

■Supports the optimization of screen lay-out and lighting effects
 The Spotlight series makes possible 2D/3D blueprint creation for lay-out plans as well as for stage art, lighting, sound planning and design. It is especially known for allowing you to visualize the light and sound of your imagination using actual stage equipment data.
 In terms of lighting-related functions, the product comes equipped with an ample selection of specialized functions for stage lighting, including stage planning. As one staff member explains, “for example, using the ‘illuminometer tool’, you can display lighting at the stage surface lighting level you choose for a certain place or grid.”
 In addition, the flexibility of video screen arrangement and display has been improved for “video screen” objects. You can arrange the screens with the lens as your focal point, shining light on the screen to calculate the lens size based on projector and screen position.

■Analyzing the effective area of sound is even easier
 For sound-related functions, the product comes with a large variety of music equipment objects such as instruments. This allows you to create a more real stage simulation. “You can visually check just how the sound will expand outward within the venue as you change equipment arrangements and lay-out”(staff member). It is now even easier to conduct speaker system layout blue-print creation, effective sound area analysis, and more.
 Within Japan, the Shiki Theater Company has adopted the Vectorworks series, utilizing it for lighting, sound planning, simulations, and more.

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