Inter BEE 2015 TV: NEP exhibits high-capacity nickel Ni-MH V-mount battery, stable air freight for on-location filming overseas -- pitches original development of accessories for broadcast equipment

2015.11.18 UP

The BL-BPHE Series: high-capacity lithium-ion battery
PV-DCmulti-4A multi power-source converter plate

PV-DCmulti-4A multi power-source converter plate

At Inter BEE 2015, NEP, Inc.'s booth (#2203) showcases its Ni-MH V-mount batteries. Because Ni-MH is not yet restricted, it can easily be shipped by air freight without difficulty. NEP is also exhibiting a range of accessories, such as a battery plate that supports a variety of voltage outputs with a single battery, rain covers and bags, and LED lights.

When shipping lithium-ion batteries by air freight, they are often seized even when they meet the restrictions, so going on location to shoot overseas carries a range of hurdles. NEP's Ni-MH V-mount battery resolves this issue, as Ni-MH is not restricted. The company is developing a range of V-mount batteries for cameras.

NEP also showed a battery plate which allows the user to use a single battery for a range of output voltages. Also on view were other accessories like rain covers and bags and LED lights which the company develops and manufactures. NEP draws on its track record and expertise in developing these sundry solutions to meet users' needs and produce original products.