[Inter Bee 2013] Deploying soundproofing technology used for machinery soundproofing, Shizuka exhibits its new acoustic panel for the first time in Japan. Honeycomb structure and newly-developed foam resin material absorb most noises. Device was a big hit at AES in New York

2013.11.20 UP

The Shizuka booth

The Shizuka booth

 Shizuka debuted at Inter BEE 2013 its SHIZUKA Stillness Panel (top photo), a compact acoustic panel allowing easy creation of rich acoustic environments. Leveraging the company's soundproofing technology already in use for reducing machinery and factory noise, the panel is the product of feedback from engineers and musicians working globally. The panels can be combined to create a localized, soundproofed space with rich acoustic qualities for a low price.
 During the expo, the company ran a live walk-in box outfitted with SHIZUKA Stillness Panels, letting attendees experience the soundproofing and absorbency effect in person.

■ Honeycomb structure features a new foam resin agent for high absorption
 SHIZUKA Stillness Panels consist of a honeycomb lattice filled with a new foam resin agent. The resin material has been specially developed by Shizuka and is being used for soundproofing the latest freight aircraft. The minute bubble suspension converts sound into heat energy, yielding high absorbency of ambient sounds.
 The surface is corrosion and rust resistant, with high purity aluminum fiber with an over 40% aperture ratio being deployed to absorb sounds over a wide frequency spectrum. The backing plate (a soundproofing plate) is lightweight and designed to be severable for any necessary modifications. It, too, offers strong corrosion and rust resistance, making outdoor installation of the panels possible.
 The basic model measures 1,000 x 1,000 x 33mm in size and weighs 8kg/m2, making transport easy. These panels achieve high sound absorbency in a slim, lightweight package, yielding soundproofing effects far in excess of their actual mass.
When testing for JIS A 1416 spec transmission loss, the basic "A Type" model registered a 25.4dB loss on the 1/3 octave band center frequency of 500Hz, a considerable display of soundproofing. "Combining these panels lets you create a rich acoustic space with great sound-damping for a low cost," says a rep.

■ Recording experts at AES showed deep interest
 Shizuka also demoed the panels at AES this October in New York, where a similar walk-in box was set up, just like at this exhibition. The company says recording professionals were deeply interested in the product. The panels go on sale in Japan in November, with this event marking their first public appearance in Japan. Panels are priced at ¥80,000 per meter squared.
 Projected uses include building a recording booth where remodeling would prove impossible, retrofitting at music halls, and other avenues. A booth representative explains, "Local broadcasters have shown interest."

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